Tips for Writing a Pay per Click Ad for Google AdWords

Pay-per-click ads are short, so you have only a few words to convey your information. When writing a pay-per-click ad you want to focus on selling the click, not the product. That’s an important distinction. You won’t have space to introduce the many benefits of chiropractic care, spinal decompression, or therapeutic massage. So your ad must motivate your reader to click through to your website or landing page, to learn more about your services. If your destination page is strong, it will inspire your reader to take further action.

Construct your ad using a text editor, like Note Pad, Note Tab, or Note Pad ++ to avoid the addition of hidden characters that Microsoft Word will sometimes add. A download of Note Tab Light is available for free.

When writing a pay per click ad, you must adhere to Google Adwords’ strict length requirements. The ad consists of a headline, two short lines of text, a display URL and a destination URL. (The destination URL will not appear in the ad, it simply links the computer user to your desired page. Between the headline and two lines of text you’re limited to a total of 95 characters. 35 characters are allowed in the display URL field. The destination URL is more flexible. There you can use 1024 characters.(Be sure to test both URLs to make sure they deliver your visitor to the right website.)

Focus on your headline when writing a pay per click ad

Grab your readers attention by conveying the most important benefit in your headline. Don’t worry about grammar. Instead create short, active phrases. Emphasize benefits rather than features and be sure to include one of your keywords. If you work a keyword into your headline, Google will list the headline in bold when the ad displays. The keyword or portion thereof will show up in bold elsewhere in the body as well.

Here’s an example of what we mean. The following ad popped up when we searched for video games. You can see how the keyword, “video games” is listed in bold.

Video Games
Multiplayer Fantasy MMORPG Game.
Stunning Graphics. Free to Play!

Once you’ve decided upon your headline, use the next two lines to showcase the benefits of your chiropractic services. Your patients need to feel better, they want to do it fast and they’d like to save money. Appeal to these needs, and you’ll be be on the right track.

A few more tips… Use fewer characters to leave more room for impact words.

Use Ampersands

  • Call now and save
  • Call now & save

Use common abbreviations

  • Market your business like a professional
  • Market your biz like a pro

Use numbers

  • Two day left to call
  • 2 days left to call

In the above example, you could use also use “2” to replace the word “to” , but in this example the phrase loses clarity.

Google has strict rules on punctuation. For example, Google will not allow excessive punctuation!!! Follow their guidelines to be sure you’re in compliance.

If you want to learn more ways to create highly profitable ads, Perry Marshall, a per per click marketing expert, offers a free guide. Check out 5 Days to Success with Google AdWords.

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