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Targeted pay per click advertising is a quick and easy way to promote your local business. With this form of advertising, you’ll quickly reach an audience in need of your services.

When an internet user enters a specific search term, the search engine delivers targeted ads alongside search results. Most often the ads appear in the right column of the page under the heading “sponsored results”. Sometimes the ad will appear above the free search results. How ads are displayed is determined by keyword choice and a sophisticated bidding process.

Although many search engines offer targeted pay per click advertising, Google, is by far the largest and most cost effective provider. During this intro to PPC advertising, we will focus upon AdWords pay per click – Google’s version of PPC.

Start with keyword research. Investigate which keywords related to chiropractic services receive the most search traffic. Google offers a free keyword search tool that will help you decide. If you’re not sure where to begin, enter your website address and Google will offer keyword recommendations based upon your website content. The list of keywords can be quite long, sometimes 800 or more, so don’t be overwhelmed. Scan the list for words or phrases that tie in well with your ad concept.

For example, if you wish to create pay per click chiropractic ads to promote spinal decompression treatments, you might choose keywords like, bulging disc, herniated disk treatment, herniated disc pain, sciatica pain, etc.

There are other keyword tools available as well. Some are free, like Overture. Others like Wordtracker, and Keyword Discovery, charge monthly fees. Once you’ve used a key tool to find appropriate search terms, check to be sure they receive lots of local search traffic. Also look to see if local search trends are steady or increasing.

Don’t try to cover every keyword or category with one ad. For example, you may want to run one PPC chiropractic ad that focuses on chiropractic treatment, another for spinal decompression and possibly a third for laser therapy.

A few basics…

Pay-per-click ads are short, so you have only a few words to convey your information. Once you establish your pay-per-click chiropractic ad campaign, you’ll be able to set your budget. You can break the numbers down into a daily figure and also a maximum cost per click. Some keywords will requirement a higher cost per click bid in order for your ad to appear on the first page of results. For example, recently the bidding for a target keyword, “find a chiropractor” was in excess of $2.50 per click for first page results.

Fortunately, you can set a maximum daily budget, to ensure you won’t overspend. And because your campaign is local, your ad will appear only to a small market segment. (You can determine the geographic area you wish to target.) In addition, very specific regional keywords, like Garland Chiropractor, may generate only a handful of clicks per month.

Consider running two pay per click chiropractic ads at a time so you can test the results. Google will alternate the ads and provide statistics, so you can accurately evaluate the performance of each ad.

PPC advertising takes time to master. Perry Marshall, a pay per click marketing expert, has written a free e-course. Using his guidance you can fine tune your PPC efforts and create highly profitable ads. You can find out about it here:

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