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Do You Make This Mistake with Your Chiropractic Newsletters?

On July 13th, 2012, posted in: Chiropractic Newsletters by 1 Comment

Before the invention of computers and the internet, most chiropractors relied on a chiropractic newsletter to help them attract and retain new chiropractic patients. It was an excellent idea in its time and was a great practice builder. Sure, some DCs wrote and published their own newsletters, but most busy chiropractors really didn’t have the..

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Could a Negative Online Review Stunt Your Chiropractic Marketing?

On October 5th, 2011, posted in: Chiropractic Marketing by 0 Comment

It’s no secret that more people are using online reviews to help them choose new businesses and services. So it makes sense that a negative review could have an affect on your chiropractic marketing. A new study published by Cone proves the point. Data culled from the responses of over 1000 participants suggests that over..

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