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Although Spinal screenings are time consuming and labor intensive, they have one very big advantage — they’re easy on the budget. In addition, they’ll help you to create a database of potential chiropractic patients.

So, if your chiropractic marketing budget is tight, organize a few screenings.

Start by researching potential sites that would be good locations for spinal screenings. Find companies, malls, and stores you want to target. Then get names of the appropriate contacts, and send out a letter of introduction.

Within the letter, we recommend offering a thank you gift for the contact person if they agree to assist you. As everyone enjoys getting something for free, this can be a strong motivator.

You can vary the gift based upon what is readily available to you. In my own practice, I’ve noticed that people really enjoy department store gift cards from popular stores, like Target and Wal-Mart. (Be sure to check the chiropractic regulations in your local area to be sure you are in compliance.)

Depending upon your budget, you may find other options. For example, if you know a licensed massage therapist who is willing to barter services with you, you might consider offering gift certificates for a free massage.

Also be sure to discuss the benefits of chiropractic care. In addition emphasize the small amount of space that is required for the spinal screening.

Good follow up is essential…

Approximately one week after sending out your letters of introduction, make follow up calls to each contact.

Use the introductory letter as a conversation starter. Once again, emphasis how little space the screening will require and the benefits of proper spinal care.

Don’t be discouraged if your first few contacts don’t immediately jump on the band wagon… If you persist, you will find businesses that are happy to help out. (Don’t forget to remind them about the thank you gift they’ll receive for participating.)

At the spinal screenings, have your prospects fill out a questionnaire. so you can capture the prospect’s contact information. Once you have that information, you can add the prospect to your database.

With repeated contact they’ll remember you. So even if they don’t need you today, they may think of you a few months down the road when that next twinge pops up.

Of course, you play a vital role in the long term success of your chiropractic marketing efforts. Once that new chiropractic patient walks through your door, it’s your job to reassure him or her, that they’ve just made the best decision of their life.
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