Using YouTube as a Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube video? Whether it’s watching the hilarious antics of someone’s family pet, or learning from a step by step do-it-yourself guide, videos have the power to entertain and inform.

With over 20 million viewers a month and no fee required to post a video, this site offers an inexpensive way and exciting way to advertise your chiropractic practice.

The video can be made on a simple video camera or even an iPhone — which is good news for those of us who aren’t technologically savvy.

Why not begin by adding a chiropractic video to your website’s home page? Videos attract more visitors and dramatically increase click-through rates. And since Google owns YouTube, videos are picked up by Google’s search engine. Search engine results often push videos to the head of the line. Ultimately, this will help increase your site’s search engine ranking.

Although you could create a video and upload it directly onto your website, there are a few of advantages you’ll get by using YouTube.

  • You’ll spare yourself the need for the extra bandwidth required for streaming video. Park the video on YouTube and provide a link from your website.
  • You’ll receive your own dedicated profile channel. Your viewers can subscribe to that channel which then gives you the ability to capture their email addresses and include them in future mailings.

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As with other social media, your video marketing efforts must be handled with a light touch. Traditional advertisements won’t work. A YouTube viewer wants to be entertained. Successful styles of videos can be grouped into three main categories.

  • Instructional videos
  • Educational videos
  • Entertainment videos

Here are a few ways you could use a chiropractic video to promote your practice.

  1. Give your patients a behind the scenes tour of your chiropractic clinic.
  2. Increase trust and credibility by heading up a quick Q and A session.
  3. Demonstrate back strengthening exercises.
  4. Show ways to choose an effective pillow or mattress.
  5. Talk about or show your cash services.

In exactly the same way that keywords are essential to your chiropractic website, selecting the right keywords for your video will allow search engines to find you. It’s worth taking the time to get this right, so don’t guess at the keywords. Do research. There are several Keyword research tools that can help you find keywords or key phrases that receive high traffic, and lower competition. Wordtracker offers a free trial. So does Keyword Discovery.

To get the most from your efforts make sure sure your video directs visitors to your
chiropractic website, where you’ll be able to establish credibility, share detailed information on your services, and offer new patient specials.

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