How to Use Digg to Promote your Chiropractic Practice

Digg is a social media news site. It’s a place where users submit links to articles on topics that interest them. Those articles then receive votes (diggs) from other users. A large volume of positive votes will help an article rise in popularity, while a slew of negative votes will bury another. If an article rises in popularity to the first page of Digg, it will generate an extraordinary amount of traffic to the originating website.(This is the news article equivalent of a You Tube video going viral.)

Writing articles and submitting them to Digg, can be a great way to promote your chiropractic practice by gaining exposure for your blog or website. And although you may never write an article that makes it to the first page, you could uncover a community of interested readers that enjoy your topic and value the information you share.

If we’re not looking to get on the first page, why should we care about Digg? Because posting your own articles can be a great way help your website reach authority status and gain backlinks.

Although we discuss the value of links in more detail in our hyperlinks article, we’ll cover the basics here. Backlinks (other websites linking to pages within your site), are one of the measures Google uses for evaluating a website. As your website receives more links, Google’s perception of the value of your website increases. (Google’s page ranking algorithms are extremely complicated and secretive, but most experts conclude that links play a vital role.) A one way link differs from other types of links, like reciprocal links, in its perceived value. Reciprocal links are created when links are exchanged between sites. A one-way link is usually freely given, often as an indication of the reader’s appreciation of the quality of the information shared. Therefore one-way links are highly sought after.

Some community members who like your articles will also link to your website… providing you with a helpful backlink.

How to use Digg

  • Begin by creating an account – Become part of the Digg community by signing up and creating a business profile and bio. Doing so will allow you to submit and vote upon stories, provide others users with valuable information about your business.
  • Research site etiquette before you get started.
  • Add buttons and badges, showing your website visitors they can follow you on Digg.
  • If you update your website with newsworthy articles often, you can auto-submit content to Digg by adding an RSS feed to your website.

What’s the key to getting more favorable “Diggs” for your articles?

  1. Write content-rich articles of importance to your patients. Stay away from easily dated topics.
  2. Begin each article with a great headline – readers will be drawn to an intriguing headline. Use copywriter, Michael Masterson’s technique of the 4 U s. Write a headline that conveys a message that is useful, ultra-specific, unique, and urgent.
  3. Get active. Do more than post your own articles. Make friends with other users that have similar interests and vote on their articles as well.
  4. Find and submit other useful articles relevant to the niche you are promoting. (Check to be sure the articles have not already been posted.)

Use these free technique to promote your chiropractic practice—then in between your chiropractic marketing efforts, find a little time to explore Digg’s vast repository of articles for yourself. You’ll be dumbfounded, enlightened and entertained by the information you uncover.

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