Could Pinterest Be the Latest and Most Effective Chiropractic Marketing Trend?

Social media; we’ve been bombarded with the term for the last several years–and for good reason. It’s the fastest growing social interaction phenomenon in human history, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Unless you’ve been somewhere other than onHow to use pinterest for chiropractic marketing this planet, you’ve no doubt heard about FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, three of the biggest social sites on the net. These social media giants boast a combined membership in the tens of millions.

Many chiropractors already have a presence on all three, and hopefully have tapped into their chiropractic marketing power – boosting patient retention and promoting new products and services.

Relatively new to the game, but coming on very strong, is a new social networking site with a little bit of a twist; it’s simple and specific. There’s no “Farmville”, no timeline, and nobody’s posting about the bran muffin they had for breakfast. Like Twitter there are few words as the site is very image specific. In fact the name of the game on this website is simply to “pin” your favorite things to your “wall” and let the world know about them. The site is called Pinterest and, if you can believe it, it’s growing faster than FaceBook.

With Pinterest, the object is to “pin” interesting things, via pictures and small amounts of text, to your homepage “wall”, sharing it with people who “follow” you. These people can “re-pin” your info to their wall, allowing their followers to do the same. The trick with Pinterest is to make what you pin interesting enough that people will want to check it out and then share it.

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So if you’re ready to update your chiropractic marketing strategies, try promoting your practice by opening a Pinterest account. It’s free, it’s trendy and growing more popular by the day, and if you have something really excellent to show and share you may catch your share of the public’s interest.

Of course as with all social sites you need to take care of your account, update it regularly, “pin” interesting photos to it, and “follow” others so that they will “follow” you. It sounds a bit childish, but the idea here is to expose yourself to the web (in a good way, of course) and allow people to see the great things you have to offer. One caveat; don’t be too “commercial”. No “free exam” pics, no come-ons, no gimmicks. Pictures of your latest patient appreciation day, or the trophy you won in the tri-county marathon, or those with a smiling patient are the best. Show your human side and humans will show you empathy.

So consider using Pinterest. If you have a few minutes a day to put into it, and some great photographic content to share, you might be surprised at the results. If anything it may  garner you a little bit of popularity in your community, which might just lead to a few new chiropractic patients. Good luck!

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