How to Use Flickr to Share Chiropractic Pictures and Increase Search results

Although Facebook and Twitter currently dominate the social media landscape, photo sharing tools like Flickr, have carved out a valuable niche as well. This program takes little time to master and gives you an easy way to upload digital chiropractic pictures and videos to share with your patients.

Do you have photos of a recent event like a patient appreciation day or a dinner talk? Would you like to share informative photos of therapies or chiropractic treatment? Post them on Flickr. It takes only minutes to open an account and download a handful of photos. With the free version, you’re also allowed to upload two videos per month.

If you’re not in the habit of taking photos, buy an inexpensive camera and keep it at the office. That way you’ll have a camera readily available when a photo opportunity arises.

You can also convert your digital photos into a dynamic video using Animoto. Once you’ve created a video, upload it to both Flickr and YouTube for maximum publicity. Create links back to your website in the description area for the photos and videos.

Establish a professional account

Begin by creating a separate account for your chiropractic practice. When entering your personal profile, it may be best to use your name or your practice name. When setting up an account for James’ chiropractic practice, we chose to use to use drjamesmixon as the custom URL. We did this because Dr James Mixon is the term most frequently used to find James on the web. Think your choice over carefully, as this URL cannot be changed. Check your traffic statistics to deduce how your patients find your website.

Here’s how you set up the URL:

Use high volume keywords in your photo tags and descriptions. This will help the search engines locate your pictures when a specific keyword is entered.

For those of you techie types, it’s important to know that a couple of years ago Flickr added “nofollow” tags to comments and picture tags. What does a nofollow tag mean? Here’s Wikipedia’s definition, “nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index”.

In plain language, this means placing a link in the description or picture caption won’t increase your page ranking with Google.

However, Flickr photos can add other search results for your chiropractic website. When you’re up against tough local competition, getting just a few extra search results for your company can be a big plus.

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