Chiropractic Marketing with Facebook Five Reasons Every Chiropractor Should Use Facebook for Their Business

When we ask chiropractors why they’re not using Facebook as part of their chiropractic marketing strategies, we often get the same answers—it takes too much time and it’s too confusing.

We acknowledge that facebook does take a bit of time to set up, (maybe an hour or so) and a little extra time to learn to navigate. And adding regular posts will take a few weeks to become a habit and may add another 15 minutes to your daily responsibilities.

On the other hand, the payoff is huge. Where else would you find a potential audience of 700 million people (the current estimated number of Facebook accounts)?

If you’re still straddling the fence, let’s assess the reasons to make facebook a part of your chiropractic marketing plan.

  1. Traffic – Facebook has now surpassed Google in terms of world wide traffic. Your chiropractic practice will benefit from having a presence in the places where people go to hang out.
  2. Branding – Facebook can help you create a recognizable brand for your chiropractic practice. Carry elements of your logo or web design forward onto your Facebook page. If you don’t already have a distinctive logo or theme, look for designers who offer affordable logo design. Creating a professional image will make strengthen the look of your site. The more consistently you promote your “brand” throughout the web, the more likely people are to remember you.
  3. Community – Facebook allows you to develop and connect with a community of like-minded individuals. When you show up every day, you remind them of your presence. When people “like” you, your posts will be featured in their news feeds. These same people will also have a chance to post comments and interact with you. Over time you’ll build trust and credibility with your followers.
  4. Become an Expert – With Facebook you can build authority with your target audience. As you post chiropractic articles, tips and advice, your “likers” will begin to know you as an expert in your field. That means they will be more apt to think of you the next time they have neck pain, a back ache, or a sinus infection.
  5. Visibility – Facebook gives your followers any easy way to pass along your articles, pictures and videos. In this way, you can have others do your chiropractic marketing for you! The more often your message is passed along, the greater the liklihood you’ll reach someone in need of your services.

If you like the idea of creating daily posts, but you’re wondering what you have to talk about every day, remember that not all of your information must be related to the chiropractic field. You can include articles and tips on healthy living, nutrition, exercise and other forms of alternative medicine. You can also include quotes and jokes (keep them clean, of course). Give people a chance to get to know you.

We hope we’ve made a good case for the reasons to get started with Facebook. Now it’s time to take for us to take our own advice and make a post to our Facebook Chiropractic Marketing Guide page!

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