Retaining Patients and Developing Long Term Doctor/Patient Relationships

People choose to be around people they like. That’s equally true when they select a health care professional. A patient will drop a chiropractor with whom he feels uncomfortable.

Therefore, establishing patient rapport is essential to retaining patients and developing long term doctor/patient relationships.

For some of us, this aspect of our chiropractic practice comes easily, for others it requires development. But cultivating this skill will help your chiropractic practice thrive.

Here’s one idea you might find helpful.

Everyone likes to feel important and remembered. But it can be challenging for a chiropractor to recall small personal details about a particular patient. Fortunately, your patients needn’t know this…

A savvy colleague of ours takes a minute or two after each patient visit to jot down a couple of quick notes about the patient and his conversation. We’re not referring to updating soap notes or details on the patient’s medical condition, although that is certainly important.

We’re talking about writing a quick sentence or two on their patient’s current life events. Then before their next visit, he reviews the medical record and his previously recorded notes to jog his memory. So when he greets his patient his memory is refreshed.

Here is a typical scenario. The last time patient Joe had an appointment, he had just bought a old fixer-upper. He had plans to convert the garage to an extra bedroom for his 16 year-old son.

Now, six months later, he’s strained his back and has returned for another appointment.

Our colleague greets Joe in the waiting room with a pat on the back. As he walks Joe back to his office, he asks, “Hey, Joe, how’s that new house coming along? Did you find yourself a good contractor?”

Joe, pleased the doctor remembered the new house, launches into an animated discussion…

It’s just that simple… The ice is broken, Joe feels special, and our colleague is well on his way to creating a patient for life.

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