Before the invention of computers and the internet, most chiropractors relied on a chiropractic newsletter to help them attract and retain new chiropractic patients. It was an excellent idea in its time and was a great practice builder.

Sure, some DCs wrote and published their own newsletters, but most busy chiropractors really didn’t have the time or expertise to write and publish anything. For these Docs, hiring a newsletter service was the best way to acquire this excellent patient retention tool. The chiropractic newsletter service would write, print and deliver newsletters to their patients. The service providers did all the work (for a fee of course) and the marketing savvy chiropractor took all the credit and the profit.

Not a bad deal.

However, with the advent of computers, something funny happened; a lot of chiropractors started to believe they could write their own newsletters. Home-publishing programs emerged that allowed practically any Tom, Dick or Harry, DC to write and publish their own newsletters, while email gave them a way to send an email version to all of their patients easily and inexpensively. But the fact remained…most DC’s weren’t professional writers and had no business pretending to be.

Today the internet is much faster paced than it was even 5 years ago, but chiropractic newsletters remain an excellent patient retention tool. They can instill confidence and help you build an effective professional profile.

But if you’re thinking about writing your own chiropractic newsletter, consider that a poorly written product could hurt your practice more than help it.

Here’s why…

300x250 md-attorney referral Most people put their doctors on a pedestal. Although it’s great to be held in high esteem, even the smallest mistakes can send you toppling from your perch. So, if you decide to write your own newsletter and it’s riddled with syntax problems, spelling errors and other inaccuracies, you may find yourself losing patients rather than attracting them.

Be honest, if you hired an electrician to replace your home’s breaker box, would you also ask him to adjust your spine? How about your local baker? Your tax accountant? Or would you ask the person who writes for your local newspaper to give you an adjustment?

I’m sure the answer to all of these questions is a resounding ‘No!’ It’s a simple fact… an electrician is a master of electrical wiring and a baker is best at baking delicious food. They would have no more business adjusting your back than would a plumber or a school teacher.

That’s why today, just as in the days before computers and email and blogging, if you want to use  chiropractic newsletters as a patient retention tool, you should contact and use a newsletter writing service. Like a baker, plumber or chiropractor, a person who writes newsletters for a living is an expert at writing and publishing newsletters. They know how to write well and they also know how to format correctly, and set up newsletter templates.

Plus, if you’re a busy DC with a thriving practice. they will take the burden of writing, editing, content production and everything else that goes into producing a quality newsletter, off your hands.

Final advice…

When it come time to select the right newsletter service, look for chiropractic newsletters with a good mix of content that appeals to both current and prospective patients – and one that gives you a way to advertise your own featured products or services.

Since many companies make grand promises, but tend to under-deliver on the actual product, ask to receive a sample of the newsletter. Decide if you like the style and tone. If you’re planning on sending out e-newsletters, find out if the company offers support when you’re ready to upload patient address lists and the like.

Hopefully, I made a strong case for putting your newsletter in the hands of a skilled publisher, but if you’re still determined to write your own newsletter, check out our essential chiropractic newsletter pointers here.

To sum it up, if you need more chiropractic patients (and who doesn’t?), then a well-written, well presented newsletter could definitely help you. So in the end, the only question you should have is this; who has the best newsletter writing service for my requirements and how do I get them to write newsletters for me?

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About the Author

Kerrin Kuntzman

Kerrin is a marketing specialist and online copywriter who creates engaging website content for local chiropractors. She is an ardent supporter of chiropractic medicine and uses chiropractic treatment not only for herself, but for her pets as well! You can view Kerrin's Google profile here.

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  1. I’d previously wodeernd how useful newsletters were still, with all the spam email people receive these days. but in my current work place, I see they are used quite heavily still. Maybe not as heavy as some people like to think, but of the thousands of emails sent out, a good few are being read.Recently looking at the Feedburner service, I thought it was interested that they allow people to subscribe to RSS feeds by email. So when an RSS feed from something like a blog is updated, it sends out an email.I thought it was a nice crossover between the blog/RSS feed, and newsletter ideas.

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