Phone Directories Help Patients Find You Fast – But Is the ROI Worth the Cost?

Although printed phone directories are still in use, they no longer have the market share they once had. Most younger adults now rely on computers to help them track down local businesses and and resources.

However, for the 65+ age group, it’s not uncommon to find patients who continue to rely on printed phone books.

So does it make sense to list your practice in a printed phone book? Of course. But do research and spend cautiously.

Here’s our recommendation. Take advantage of the free local listing provided by your phone company. If you’re using a smaller phone company, check with major local providers and research their phone book advertising fees.

You may also find niche phone books options, such as Spanish language directories, that would serve you well.

Be aware…the phone company’s advertising personnel work on commission. It’s their job to sell you the largest ad possible. Many of these salespeople are quite skilled. They will do all they can to close the sale and extract a commitment from you while on the phone. Resist the tempation… Take notes, offer to call the representative back, then compare options and consider the financial investment before making a decision.

Online phone directories are easy to find and use. And they give consumers the freedom to recycle their bulky print phone books. Many online phone directories, allow you to list your business for free.

You can register your business for a free listing with the following websites.


picture of md-attorney referral toolkit

While you’re registering, you may notice each company offers several upgraded listings and packages. Most come with a steep price tag.

For example, offers upgraded online listings ranging from $66.00 to $209.00 per month. The advantage to the upgraded listing is an ability to link to your website — so if you have a strong website you might want to check out one of the lower priced offers.

As the directory market continues to shift, yellow page providers have been forced to diversify. At you can explore options for websites as well as video advertising.

Remember…there are many economical and effective ways to develop a successful
chiropractic website, as well as an online video marketing program, so please read further before deciding on a course of action.

New Patients are seeking your services — listing your practice in a chiropractic directory will help them find you.

Now that you’ve mastered phone directories, learn about other ways to list your practice online.

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