Patient Appreciation Days – Western Party Theme

Patient appreciation days score big points with chiropractic patients. With our western themed party, your patients will enjoy the chance to step back in time to the days of westward expansion, frontier justice, and rugged individualism. Being from Texas, we’re particularly fond of this patient appreciation day theme!

In advance of your event, make a sign announcing the event and post it in your office. Glue a thin rope around the edges of the announcement to create a unique border. Drum up additional interest by sending out these postcards to your existing chiropractic patient base, and by announcing the event on your website.


Prop a couple of straw bales against a wall in the patients’ waiting area. Scene-setters (pre-printed rolls of theme related backgrounds) can instantly transform

The walls of your office into rustic paneling, a barn, or even a old-time saloon. Purchase a realistic hinged cut-out of a cowboy and his faithful horse and place it on your walls. Pin up wanted/reward posters. If you want a little extra pzazz, string rows of cactus and cowboy hat lights and decorate with helium filled balloons.

To round out the theme, put your friends and family on the look out for one of a kind western themed items. Great deals can be found at gift shops and garage sales. For example, a ceramic cowboy boot might become a great table centerpiece or attractive planter. A metal armadillo could stand poised to scoot across the floor of your waiting room. An old metal kerosene lantern would add rustic charm to your patient appreciation day decor.

If possible, outfit yourself and your staff in western shirts and jeans. Add bandanas and straw cowboy hats for extra flair. Since you’re the chief good/guy/gal, wear a tin sheriff’s badge for the day.

Play country western music in the background.


Cover tables with red gingham tablecloths. Or, if you want to keep things even simpler, choose western themed party paper goods that can be discarded after the patient appreciation day.

As much fun as it might be to serve a chuck wagon style barbecue, for most us that just isn’t practical. However, you can still tantalize your guest’s taste buds by serving roasted peanuts in the shells, spicy snack mixes, slices of watermelon and fresh apple pie. Accompany the snacks with bottled water, old-fashioned root beer and coffee.

For real flair, present your offerings in unique ways. Serve the peanuts in a cowboy hat and the spicy snack mix in a cast-iron skillet. Arrange bottled beverages in an ice-filled galvanized tub.

Entertainment and Giveaways

Greet you patients with gifts of colorful bandanas and inexpensive straw cowboy hats. (All of the decorations, paper products, and giveaways we’ve described can be purchased inexpensively through Make name tags for your patients in advance and play up the western theme.

Here are a few examples:

  • Sharp Shooter Sam
  • Buckshot Bill
  • Pistol Packing Patty
  • Gunslinger Gary
  • Sidekick Sherry
  • Wrangler Wanda
  • Ranch Hand Rick
  • Cow Poke Carla
  • Trail Boss Tom

Once you’ve thought up a handful or two of creative ideas, you can rotate the nicknames among your patients.

If you have the space, why not offer your patients a chance to play a game of good old-fashioned horseshoes? Choose a plastic set to avoid damage to the surroundings. Give prizes based on how close the horseshoe is to the stake. Offer a special prize for “ringers”. Prizes might include individual packages of snoked nuts, beef or turkey jerky, and jars of jalapeno jelly

The younger set will enjoy a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Western themed candy suckers or toy sheriff’s tins would be great rewards.


Sponsoring a patient appreciation day raffle will generate excitement, and give you an opportunity to collect your patients email addresses. Create your own raffle tickets with a space for email addresses and a check box asking if you can include them in future notifications of events or specials. Tell you patients you will contact raffle winners by email (phone those patients without access to email).


  • 1st prize: Dinner for two at a barbeque restaurant
  • 2nd prize: A Gift basket filled with a selection of barbecue dry rubs and marinades, jalapeno jelly, salsas and tortilla chips. Add a basting brush or a potholder for a nice finishing touch.
  • 3rd prize: A denim tote bag

As soon as possible following your patient appreciation day, update your website with news about the event. Include a short article, photos, and if possible, a video. A video is a great way to spark attention and keep visitors on your web pages longer.

Once you host your own patient appreciation day, shoot us an email along with your photos. We’d love to feature picture of your event on our website.

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