Patient Appreciation Day Ideas Retro Bowl-o-Rama

Looking for family-oriented, versatile patient appreciation day ideas? A Retro Bowl-o-Rama fits the bill… You can host a bowling themed event at any time of year and it’s even appropriate for our younger patients.


Play up the campy elements in this retro patient appreciation day theme. Set the tone by wearing bowling shirts. Rowling shirts can be purchased inexpensively from a number of online suppliers. We found many interesting styles at, and offers a good selection. If you want to keep costs down, buy a bowling shirt for yourself, and personalized t-shirts for your staff. You can add a fun coordinating logo to the t-shirts like: “Join the fun at Dr. Smith’s Bowl-o-Rama”.

Buy personalized bowling party dessert plates and cups from a party supply store like Decorate with helium-filled balloons in the same colors as the bowling plates and cups that you’ve purchased. Have a banner made that says, “Welcome to Dr. Smith’s Bowling Alley”. Place a banner over your reception area or in another prominent location within the office.


The food and drink usually associated with bowling alleys may be off-limits, but you can order a bowling theme cake from a local bakery and serve it with coffee, punch and bottled waters. For those of you who are bakers, or who might be able to talk a baker friend into making a bowling cake for your function, here’s a great recipe.


Pick up an electronic bowling arcade game and let your patients bowl for prizes. A game like this will probably cost you anywhere from $65 – $100.00, but it will become the focal point for your patient appreciation day theme. We purchased one from Sears but you can also find games like this on Amazon. A contained electronic unit is easy to set up and manage within an office environment.


Present a small gift to every person who plays the game. Distribute prizes based upon the number of pins knocked down on the first roll.

Ideas for theme giveaway:

  • 0-5 pins = bowling pin shaped pens
  • 6-8 pins = bowling pin shaped stress ball
  • 9-10 pins = bowling pin shaped water bottle


A raffle is always a valuable addition to a patient appreciation day, as it will allow you to collect email information from your patients. Before the patient appreciation day, create your own raffle tickets with a space for email addresses. Be sure to add a check box asking if you can include your patient in future emails. At the time of the raffle, tell your patient you will notify raffle winners by email.(For those patients without internet, contact the winners by phone.)

Patient Appreciation Day Ideas for Prizes

  • 1st prize: A gift certificate to local sporting good center
  • 2nd prize: A gift certificate to the local bowling alley.
  • 3rd prize: A DVD of The Big Lebowski

As soon as possible after the event, post the raffle winners on the website. Upload photos. Adding a video to your website is a great way to spark visitor interest. In general, videos will increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site.

Hawaiian Luau

Mexican Fiesta

Fitness Theme

Western/Cowboy Theme

Charity Day

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