Patient Appreciation Day Ideas Hawaiian Luau

Want to escape the dog days of summer? Treat your patients to a touch of the tropics with this exotic theme. Your patients will line up for the fun! Read on for simple and inexpensive tips and ideas…


Most party supply stores stock a wide range of Hawaiian Luau-style decorations, making it easy to plan this patient appreciation day. For a natural look, highlight your reception area with fringed grass topped with hibiscus. Hang a raffia door curtain across the entrance to your office. Make a table decoration for your reception area by filling an oversized wooden bowl with whole exotic fruits. Pineapple, papaya and coconut and bananas would be good choices. Arrange the fruit in the bowl on a bed of banana leaves or other greenery.

You can also choose from inflatable palm trees and tiki poles, hinged aloha signs and more.

If you budget allows, you and your staff can wear brightly colored Hawaiian shirts. Inexpensive styles are available through

Play Hawaiian music in the background. Nothing is more evocative of the islands than the lilting sound of a Hawaiian steel guitar. Or you could play a hula DVD, or a documentary on Hawaii in your reception area.

Check out this unique website that offers a translation of over 4000 names into a Hawaiian phonetic version. Using this website the name Kerrin becomes Keilana and James becomes Kimo. Surprise your patients by printing name tags in advance with their Hawaiian phonetic names. For walk-ins, keep the website available on your computer and create a new name tag upon their arrival.


Serve a Hawaiian themed cake, dry roasted macadamia nuts, and tropical trail mix. Accompany the snacks with exotic fruit juice blends and bottled water.


Greet each guest with a floral lei. Artificial floral leis are available through party supply stores. They are are inexpensive, ranging in price from .50 to less than $1.00 per piece. You can also let your female patients adorn themselves with brightly colored polyester hibiscus hair clips (About $4.00 per dozen)


Offer each patient a short Hawaii Fun Facts Quiz. Hawaii is an amazing and diverse state. Not only is the history fascinating (Hawaiian is the only U.S. state that was once governed by a monarchy), but even the standard diet differs from that of the mainland. (Did you know that the average Hawaiian resident eats over 16 lbs of canned Spam per year? Spam is so popular it is sometimes called “The Hawaiian Steak”. Save time and download our fun trivia quiz.

Give out prizes based upon the number of questions answered correctly. For example:  6-8 question right, yep, you guessed it a can of spam. You might also offer Hawaiian rubber duckies -approximately $$6.00 per dozen, flip-flop sticky notes – approximately $5.00 per dozen (available through online party supply stores). And if your budget allows, give away Betty Lou’s coconut macadamia nut butter balls about $1.25 per pack, sold in packs of 18 (available at Amazon).


If you want to get family and friends involved in the party preparations, have a child make a paper mache volcano as a dramatic container for your raffle tickets. Have your patients drop their raffle tickets into the mouth of the volcano. Make sure the mouth of the volcano is wide enough to get you hand into, so you’ll have no problems drawing for winners when it’s time.

In general, the more we spend on giveaways the less we spend on raffle prizes. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for modest raffle prizes:

  • Hawaiian Kona Coffee (You may be able to find this item locally)
  • Hawaiian Tote Bag
  • Cans of macadamia nuts
  • Small cans of macadamia coconut brittle

Following your event, you have yet another chance to promote your patient appreciation day. Post raffle winners and photos on your website. Add a video if possible.

Newcomers to your site will be able to see your patients’ excitement and the fun they’ve had at your event. This will positively influence their opinion about your practice, and give them more incentive to book an appointment.

Retro Bowl-o-Rama

Mexican Fiesta

Fitness Theme

Western/Cowboy Theme

Charity Day


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