Patient Appreciation Day Ideas – A Mexican Fiesta

A Mexican Fiesta themed day is an economical way to increase patient satisfaction and have a little fun. Tips and Ideas for a standout event


Color Scheme: Red/White/Green

Fiestas are vibrant celebrations, so live it up with color! Drape strings of red, white and green lights in your front office. You can also buy strands of chili pepper, or cactus and sombrero lights.

Decorate your walls with inexpensive straw sombreros and cut-out decorations. If you have large amounts of wall space you can add vinyl scene setters with lifelike Mariachi band players, or a giant Saguaro cactus. Buy helium filled balloons in red, green and while. Add a banner over the reception area announcing the Fiesta day.

What’s a fiesta without a pinata? A cactus, donkey, or sombrero pinata will enhance the decor and if filled, can later be given as a raffle prize.

Complete the theme by playing a Spanish guitar DVD softly in the background.

Giveaways and Entertainment

Start off patient appreciation day fun by creating name tags for your patients with their Spanish name. This name translator will come in handy . (If you have an unusual name or spelling, you may have to select the more common spelling, or a name that is close in origin. For example, the name Kerrin does not bring up a translation, but Karen does and becomes the Spanish Catalina.)

If you want to offer giveaways, maracas are fun.

Look for full size 8” maracas that are suitable for adults (about $1.50 ea when purchased in lots of twelve). You could also offer Mexican tin ornaments. Here’s a mexican tin angel ornament that sells for $3.00.

f you have younger guests you might might offer a game of pin the tale on the donkey. Have a few small children’s gifts on hand as prizes. Any dollar store will offer a wide selection, or you could order miniature maracas from a party supply store like,


In the morning, serve assorted pan dulce – these slightly sweet treats are perfect when paired with coffee.

If you live in an area with a large Hispanic population, these pastries are usually easy to locate. Look for signs advertising a panaderia. Once you locate the bakery, you’ll generally find a wide selection of Mexican pastries. Expect to pay $6.00 – $8.00 per dozen. (One word of advice – pan dulce is best served the day it is purchased.) For heartier snacks, bring a small toaster oven to the office, and heat up frozen mini tacos or flautas. Serve with tortilla chips, guacamole and salsa . In the afternoon bring out a Tres Leches cake or a bakery theme cake. Accompany your snacks with bottles of Mexican sodas, water and coffee.


It’s a good idea to feature a raffle at any patient appreciation day. It will give you a way to build an email list of patients and prospective chiropractic patients. Create your own customized raffle ticket so you add a request for email addresses. You can later add these names to a permission-based email list. Encourage response by telling your chiropractic patients that winners will be notified by email. For those patients without email, notify the winner by phone.

Suggested Prizes:

  • 1st prize – A gift certificate to a Mexican restaurant. You can support a small local restaurant or opt for more locations by choosing a popular chain restaurant.
  • 2nd prize – A gift set of Mexican train game dominoes.
  • 3rd prize – A filled pinata

Other prize ideas: You could easily create a unique gift by filling a basket with a Mexican cookbook, tortilla chips, jarred salsa, bean dip and hot sauce. Top it off with maracas or a Mexican-style potholder or dishtowel. Wrap in clear or color cellophane and tie off with red, green and white curling ribbon.

Get even more mileage from your patient appreciation day by posting articles and photos about the event on your chiropractic website. Add a video if possible.

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