Ideas for Patient Appreciation Days Fitness Theme

If you want to host a patient appreciation day, but are struggling with ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of ideas for patient appreciation days, along with easy planning tips and suggestions. Let’s take a look at a theme that promotes healthy habits.

A fitness day will inspire your patients to take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle. For your patient appreciation day, emphasis simple forms of exercise that can integrated into anyone’s busy life style. Walking and stretching are two good choices.


The primary decor for this theme will be centered around colorful balloons. patient appreciation day posters, and banners. offers an attractive poster on effective stretches for the back.

Set the tone by playing exercise and walking DVDs in your waiting room.

Order colorful clip on pedometers or tennis shoe shaped stress balls imprinted with your business name. Present one to each visitor.

Consider offering free 10 minute chair massages. If you don’t have your own massage therapist, you should be able to find one locally that you can hire by the hour. Rates usually range from $30.00 to $60.00 per hour.

Although free chair massages can bump up your costs, you can advertise this freebie prominently on your postcard invitations and your website. It will serve as a great draw. We haven’t met too many patients who don’t enjoy chair massage – it’s doesn’t take much time and since there’s no need to remove any clothing, even a shy patient can maintain his or her modesty. Just set up the massage therapist in a private corner of your office that receives less traffic

Create a fact sheet on the benefits of massage and provide them as hand outs. If you already offer massage therapy in your chiropractic practice, you’ll gain another advantage. Your chiropractic patients will have an opportunity to try a therapeutic massage for free. Later, a few of them will probably decide to schedule a full length massage. To further promote your massage services, have a special introductory offer for new massage patients that you can promote throughout your patient appreciation day.

If your budget is tight, bypass the free chair massages. Offer printed exercise and nutrtion handouts instead and focus on the giveaways and refreshments.


Keep it simple. Offer healthy munchies like freshly popped popcorn and trail mix. To save money, you can buy trail mix and nuts in bulk, then divide the food into smaller servings. Dixie cups work well as small containers. Local warehouse stores also offer a wide variety of pre-portioned healthy snacks. Consider these additional ideas: granola bars, snack packs of nuts, and individual packages of peanut butter and crackers. Serve with bottles of water, green tea, vitamin waters, or juices.


Sponsering a raffle will give you an opportunity to collect your visitors’ information. Be sure to request email addresses from your patients, so you can include them in future email marketing efforts.

If you have invested in a promotional items like pedometers or stress balls, you can offer a few simple raffle prizes like BPA free water bottles to keep cost down.

If you wish to offer larger prizes, here are a few more ideas.

  • 1st prize – A gift certificate to a local sporting good store or local health food store.
  • 2nd prize – A gift basket stuffed with fresh fruit, granola bars, and whole grain snacks.
  • 3rd prize – A yoga or exercise DVD. (Choose an exercise DVD that can be utilized by even your older patients.)

If you have a massage therapist, you may want to offer free 10 minute chair massages. Following your event, be sure to post an article about your patient appreciation day on your website. Include photos and a video if possible.

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