Chiropractic Patient Appreciation Day Ideas Hosting a Charity Day

If you’re looking for chiropractic patient appreciation day idea you can feel good about—a charity day event will fill the bill.

Does the sight of an abandoned puppy bounding its way into a new owner’s loving arms warm your heart? How about a struggling family receiving the key to a brand new house built with the help of volunteers? Or a child smiling his first smile unmarred by a cleft palate.

Most of us have a favorite charity. Yet finding sufficient time and money to support those charities can be a challenge in a tight economy. Since three-quarters of all charitable contributions come from individuals, a poor economy can mean a bleak financial forecast for many charities.

Whatever your favorite cause, there’s a way chiropractors can help. Choose this chiropractic patient appreciation day and idea and sponsor a charity day. Pick a local charity and center a fun themed event around it.

Some charities, like the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), offer tools to assisty you in your fundraising efforts. Visit the ASPCA Ambassadors page and you’ll find a link to a free down-loadable guide. There you can find:

  • Free ASPCA widgets—clickable images or icons—to put on your website, or blog
  • Marketing materials like flyers and event invitation templates
  • Anti-cruelty pledge forms

Talk to your favorite charities by phone or check out their websites to see if they offer free marketing tools. Not sure which charity to select? Charity Navigator offers a guide to many of the top rated charities.

What to do in advance of your charity day event

Submit a press release promoting your chiropractic patient appreciation day to the local newspaper. Do the same at, an online press release site.

Post news about your upcoming event on your website, Facebook and Twitter.

Consider placing an advertisement in the local paper. As you’ll be spending a bit of money on the event itself, do this only if the costs are very reasonable. Be sure to include a new patient special to encourage prospective chiropractic patients to give you a try.

Promote the event via your newsletter. Whether you keep in touch with your patients by email or traditional mail, your newsletter is the perfect way to advertisement special events. If you’re not already using a newsletter, visit our newsletter section for pointer and tips.

Send out postcard invitations. Printing costs have come down in recent years, so postcard marketing is now very economical. When you design your card, make sure you feature plenty of incentives to get your chiropractic patients walking through the door.

Tell patients you’ll donate a specific dollar amount for every patient visit made during your charity day event. Double the dollar amount for every new patient that books an appointment. The dollar amount doesn’t have to be large – and you can tailor it to fit your budget. If your finances allow, you could also encourage small patient donations by advertising that you’ll be matching any contributions you receive. (You can set a cap, so the total dollar remains comfortably within range.)

The day of the event

Decorations: Create a festive atmosphere by decorating with helium-filled balloons, streamers and photos inspired by the good works of the selected charity.


Buy a hot dog roller and offer free hot dogs and sodas or bottled waters. Available inexpensively through Amazon. com. If you have a popcorn maker (another must-have any patient appreciation day events), accompany the dogs with popcorn. If you desire, offer a bakery cake for dessert


Hire a local massage therapist and offer a free chair massage to every person who contributes $5 – 10.00 (or more) to the selected charity.

Silent Auction – ask friends and local business owners to contributre small products or gift certificates you can use to raise money for charity. Enlist the help of family and friends to make up creative gift baskets. Display the gift baskets prominently, with bidding sheets posted nearby. List the suggested retail value of each gift baskets along with a starting bid.

During the event take plenty of photos. If you have the equipment and staff, record a video as well. Following your event, post the photos to your website, Facebook and Flickr.

Looking for more chiropractic patient appreciation day ideas? Check out these tried and true themes:

Hawaiian Luau
Retro Bowl-o-Rama
Mexican Fiesta
Fitness Theme
Western/Cowboy Theme

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