Patient Appreciation Day Ideas for Standout Events

This article focuses on ways to create a one-of a kind event. At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to a half-dozen patient appreciation day ideas. We’ve included recommendations for decor, games and giveaways. Any of the themes can be adapted to suit your preferences. For more detailed information, check out our downloadable guide, How to Host a Spectacular Patient Appreciation Day.

Our first word of advice is to give yourself plenty of time to plan your party. Begin preparations several weeks to a month or more in advance. It will cut down on the stress and give you enough time to buy supplies, update your website, send out postcard invitations and promote your event.

Secondly, be willing to relax and have fun. Enjoy the change of pace!

The overall cost for hosting a patient appreciation will usually run at least $400. More lavish themes will cost anywhere from $600-$700. It depends upon the type of food, decor and giveaways you choose.

Include free giveaways and a raffle at each event. The raffle will give you an opportunity to collect email addresses. (Always ask your patients for their permission to include them in future mailings.) This opt-in list will later form the basis for your permission based e-mail marketing list.

Prizes for the raffles can be tailored to your budget, but here’s what we’ve found effective. We generally begin with a $100-125 budget. We offer three primary prizes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and then a few smaller prizes to round out the raffle. If possible, try to offer a prize every hour, to create a constant hum of excitement. Engage your office staff or family to be on the hunt for small gifts and sale items that meet the theme’s criteria. If your giveaways are expensive, make your raffle prizes more modest.

If you plan to host more than one patient appreciation day, you might want to invest in a small portable helium tank to inflate balloons. Depending upon the size of the tank a disposable unit can fill up to 50 – 9″ balloons. Helium filled balloons are an easy way to add a festive feel and a blast of color to any shindig.

Another good investment is a tabletop popcorn popper. Many of these machines are designed to look like old-fashioned theater-style popcorn poppers. This investment will save you lots of money by giving you a way to offer your patients inexpensive and healthy treats. Once you own a machine you might decide to serve popcorn on a more regular basis – Friday afternoons, for example.

By the way, we don’t make appointments a requirement for chiropractic patients to stop by our event. We encourage all current patients and newcomers to come by, eat a snack or two and enjoy the festivities. If they want to have a chiropractic adjustment, we prioritize those patients who already have scheduled appointments. If there are any open slots, we add a few walk-ins. Keeping the event open to all patients, both current and prospective, gives the office staff an opportunity to talk with everyone about our services.

After the event, get more mileage from your patient appreciation day by updating your chiropractic website with a short article about the celebration, along with photos and video. Visit Dr. Mixon’s website to see how we’ve employed this technique in his own practice.

Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Check out a theme for exciting patient appreciation day ideas.

Hawaiian Luau
Retro Bowl-o-Rama
Mexican Fiesta
Fitness Theme
Western/Cowboy Theme
Charity Day

In our ebook, How to Host a Spectacular Patient Appreciation Day, you’ll receive detailed instructions and tips for hosting a profitable patient appreciation day. You’ll discover the best ways to advertise your event, create a special product promotion, even learn how to use photos and videos from your party to improve your search engine rankings. Plus, you’ll get complete party planning tips for the 6 themes listed above and 6 new themes. To order your copy, click here.

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