Online Business Directories – The Places Your Patients Go To Rate Your Chiropractic Services

Online Business Directories are a little challenging to summarize. Lets be honest… As consumers, I’m sure most of us like the fact that it’s easier than ever to rate a top-notch appliance repair shop or to warn people away from dishonest auto repair.

However, becoming the subject of online scrutiny ourselves can be a little alarming.

It’s wonderful if your chiropractic practice is on the receiving end of a 4 or 5 star review. But, what if someone dings you? Are you responsible for the patient who shows up one time expecting a miracle, never makes a follow-up appointment, then rates you a mediocre chiropractor? Of course not.

If you and your office staff have done everything possible to educate the patient on realistic goals and encourage follow up, there’s nothing more you can do.

However, local online business directories permeate the web, and most offer reviews. So if you’re not featured in a listing now, it’s likely you will be sometime in the near future.

For years, many large retailers have had what they call “secret-shoppers.” The “secret-shopper” visits a retail facility and evaluates the performance of the retail staff. Large corporations that focus on business to business sales also use “secret-shoppers” to evaluate their telephone sales people.

The results of these shopping expeditions are shared with management and the person being reviewed. Basically the intent of the review is to keep salespeople on their toes.

For all intents and purposes any one of our patients can now become a “secret-shopper.”

The psychology of the reviewer

Most people don’t expend the effort to rate average businesses. They review businesses, doctors, etc., that either really thrill them, or that really anger them.

So, as chiropractors, we have to step it up a notch. Talk with your staff – they are as likely to be featured in a review as you are. Then, put your best foot forward to face this bright new world filled with internet blessings — and challenges.

There is, howerver, a major advantage to these directories. The business listing in these directories often populate local search results. By performing a search on a target keyword, e.g., “Garland Chiropractor” you’ll be able to tell which directories appear to be most active. In our area, one strong directory is Insider Pages.

If you’re not already listed in local business directories, you might want to add your listing. If you’ve also added your practice information to search engine directories and chiropractic directories, you’re well on your web to establishing a strong web presence.picture of md-attorney referral toolkit

Check out the following online business directories to see if they cover your local area. Then check to see if you’re listed:– To modify your information look at the top right corner of home page and click on join. You will have to create a login. Once you are a member you can make changes to your practice information.– Search for your practice. If it is already listed simply click on “own this business?” Register to make any necessary changes and make any changes. (This company is partnered with Insider Pages.) -This company publishes a series of local online business directories using larger city names as domains. For example,,,, Your practice may already be listed, so do a search to see if you need to “claim your listing.” You’ll be required to register to modify any information.

This last site is a little different, resells business listings to many other directories. Consequently it’s important Localeze has accurate information about your practice. Otherwise they will disseminate inaccurate data across the web. – On the top menu bar, click contact. Listed on the right side of the contact page is “business registration manager” click, then use the form to update your info.

You can find additional local directories by performing a search using your city name and state, plus the words, “city directory,” “city guide,” or “city portal.” For example, using our local city as an example, we would type Garland, TX + city portal. Once you’ve located additional directories and city portals, you can determine whether you’d like to include your chiropractic practice.

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