How to Generate Personal Injury Chiropractic Cases

As chiropractors, we know it’s important for motor vehicle accident victims to receive proper chiropractic treatment to prevent long term injury.

Initially, personal injury chiropractic patients who have sustained injuries as a result of auto accident, often require intensive treatment. After an initial reduction in pain, they may continue to require moderate levels of care for several more weeks to ensure the patient’s return to full function. And even after the personal injury case is closed, the chiropractic patient may choose to return for maintenance care.

Obviously, personal injury chiropractic cases can be very lucrative.

So, how do we go about establishing personal injury referrals?

The first step is to build relationships with local attorneys.

Begin by creating a database of local personal injury attorneys. With the advent of online phone directories, the task of finding nearby attorneys has become quite easy. Search the online directories for personal injury lawyers. Since a fairly large number of attorneys is required for success, 250 names is a good starting point.

One easy way to target the selected attorneys is through postcard marketing. Several companies offer a good selection of inexpensive postcards that can be used to introduce your practice to the prospective lawyer. Alternately, you can write a letter of introduction.

Once you’ve collected your targeted names, create an excel spreadsheet or a database where you can organize the data. In addition to the lawyers’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, enter a field to track the date of the first mailing, and additional fields for follow up phone calls.

When we did our own 250 postcard mailing, we generated three inquiries. We then set up lunch appointments with each lawyer to discuss future personal injury referrals. The lunchtime meetings were a huge success. Each lawyer agreed to send future personal injury chiropractic cases our way.

We accomplished this without making a single follow up phone call. If we’d made those follow up phone calls, our success rate probably would have been even higher.

Be aware… it’s been our experience that personal injury lawyers usually expect you to refer patients to them as well, in order for their personal injury referrals to continue.

The downside to personal injury referral cases is that is can often take time before payment is received. Additionally, you are often asked to take a reduction on your billed amount.If you’re prepared for these two possibilities, then move forward, create an action plan and get ready to begin generating personal injury referrals.

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