How to Get Patient Referrals From MDs and Lawyers

Almost every chiropractor we know would like to get more patient referrals from MDs and Lawyers. It’s like hitting the jackpot. Once you’re well established with a medical or legal professional, the referrals will come in month after month, creating a steady increase in your patient base. But getting interdisciplinary patient referrals can often take a bit of of persistence.

On the other hand, the techniques outlined below cost very little and would fit well into a limited marketing budget.

It’s essential to establish a relationship with your prospects. In general, doctors and lawyers (like anyone else) will offer referrals to DCs they trust. If you’re an outgoing, affable person, you could meet with a few doctors face to face, offer them information about your clinic and show them what benefits chiropractic care can provide for their patients. Just like any sales call, you’ll need to follow up. Be sure to mark your calendar and make the appropriate follow up phone calls or appointments.

However, there’s a method that’s a bit easier to swallow for those of us who get sweaty palms at the mere thought of participating in anything that resembles a sales call.

We’ve created a small kit to help you get a head start.

The MD/DO and Attorney referral toolkit has been designed to simplify the process of approaching doctors and lawyers. Within the kit you’ll find a a quick start guide, introductory and follow-up letters, templates and tips for success.

The professionally written letters are customizable and are designed to bring your skills and experience front and center. You’ll also receive pdf files for referral pads. Once you modify the information and gets the pads printed, you’ll have a powerful marketing tool. By offering your prospects referral pads, you’ll present them with a format that is simple and easy to use. No more hunting around for misplaced business cards! Most importantly, the instruction guide will walk you through every step of the marketing process.

Here’s what the program includes:

  • A PDF booklet with instructions and tips for maximizing your success
  • A quick start guide with recommendations for customizing your letters
  • An introductory letter for physicians
  • An introductory letter for attorneys
  • A follow-up letter for physicians
  • A follow-up letter for attorneys
  • A spreadsheet to organize and track your contacts
  • A patient authorization form
  • A sample patient report to be used to update physicians
  • A sample referral pad for physicians (PDF)
  • A sample referral pad for attorneys (PDF)

Take advantage of the affordable $39.97 price and order your copy today.

Order the MD/DO-Attorney referral program or learn more here.

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