Chiropractic Marketing to Mds | Building Profitable Relationships

Chiropractors often think of chiropractic marketing only in terms of time and money spent on newspaper ads, spinal screenings, and chiropractic websites. And certainly, all these items can be a part of any strong marketing campaign. However, one of the most elemental forms of advertising is often overlooked—the power of networking.This basic technique draws upon old fashioned people skills. Although it can take a bit of time to see results, its low cost will fit any doctor’s budget.

For these reasons, every chiropractic practice should consider networking with other local medical professionals to build reciprocal referral relationships. Referring patients to a local MD or DO. who in turn, is likely to refer patients back to you, will benefit your practice in ways other investments can’t. A long-lasting relationship with another doctor can bring new patients to your chiropractic that might not otherwise find you. Word of mouth referrals will also enhance your professional reputation

When beginning your chiropractic marketing to MDs, you should keep in mind that credibility is the key to your success. The information found on your website should be accurate, the site’s layout attractive and easy to navigate. Feature any professional associations prominently, in a location that’s easy for both patients and doctors to see. You can also ask patients you’ve treated to submit strong reviews to local business directories, so that the professionals with whom you network will see patients’ honest reviews of their experiences, expressed in their own words.

An important element in gaining reciprocal referrals it to gain the prospective doctor’s trust. Make sure your prospect knows that you respect the relationship he or she has established with the referred patient. Let the doctor know that you will always keep him or her informed of the patient’s progress and that the patient will always be directed back to the referring doctors office for any additional treatments or tests.

Once you can convince an MD or DO that their patients will be in good care, many doctors will be happy to refer their hard to treat neck and back pain cases your way. You’ll gain a valuable ally and the referring doctor will quickly learn the benefits a good chiropractor can bring to their patients. If handled appropriately, over time the number of patients sent your way will continue to grow, ensuring a stable and profitable source of referrals. If you’d like a simple way to begin this effective form of chiropractic marketing—check out our easy to use MD/DO-Attorney Referral Toolkit.

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