Building a chiropractic practice often takes more than doing your job well and providing a great service to the community. If your practice is new or you’re looking to strengthen your business, there are several simple and effective chiropractic marketing tools to help. Here are 7 tips that cost little to no money and will speed up the process.

1) Invite the Community for a Visit – Most people feel more comfortable scheduling appointments with medical providers they know and trust. An open house can be a great way to let potential chiropractic patients get to know you and your staff. At the open house offer refreshments and information about your services. Be prepared to answer questions—people want to know how knowledgeable you are.

Tours are a great way to showcase your facilities and answer questions. To encourage attendance, offer a discounted or free visit to those in attendance. Invite the community and publicize your event by posting information on your website. You could also find a unique angle to your story and try to get your local newspaper to carry a notice about your event. One way to do this is sponsor a charity day. Not only will you gain valuable exposure, you’ll also be giving back to the community. For detailed advice on host to host a charity day event and other successful patient appreciation days, order our helpful guide here.

2) Rely on Business Cards – With hundreds of online and local printers to choose from, designing and printing business cards has never been more affordable. Hand them out freely. If you do any mailings include them with your literature. Tap into a time honored sales technique and include two rather than one. This will promote referrals by encouraging your patients to pass one along to a friend or family member. Lastly, be sure you and all staff members carry cards — even outside of work. Frequently casual conversations with strangers will open up new patient opportunities.

3) Establish an Online Social Media Presence – Today most people research businesses and stay connected with them online. image that represents social media marketingOne of the most crucial aspects in building a chiropractic practice is to establish a strong online presence. While an easily navigated website is a great start, the younger generation often craves more. Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook are other ways to connect with existing and prospective clients. Businesses that offer helpful and interesting articles, advice, links, and tips find this is a great way to draw people in.

As you become more comfortable with social media, you may wish to create contests to engage your visitors. The more you can offer, and the less you “advertise” on your social sites, the more likely people are to follow you. You may find it helpful to have a staff member serve as a social media marketer. Make sure you respond to every comment and like from prospective and existing patients. Keeping the website and social media updated is essential to continuing its effectiveness!

4) Create a Great Chiropractic Website – I believe most doctors recognize the value of having their own chiropractic website. But there’s no bigger turn off than a website that’s hard to navigate, doesn’t provide pertinent information, or strong content. One of the best ways to determine what you want in a website is to research your competitor’s sites and find examples of what works.

Our personal experience suggests that the site will perform best if it’s unique and not a cookie cutter chiropractic site. Although this may mean hiring an independent web designer to create and manage your site, we believe it’s well worth the cost. Almost every week a prospective patients calls to tell us they’ve chosen us because they like our website. Sure, we’re kind of fond of Dr. Mixon’s original website, but truthfully there’s nothing high tech about it. (We have two sites now, with the second focusing on our nutritional clients) The original website’s design is homespun and very basic. And yet, it usually generates three to five new patients most weeks. To take a more detailed look, click here.

This, however,  brings us to our next point — content is just as important as design. Always make sure your content is well written, unique, informative, and answers any questions your prospective patient’s might have. In particular, be sure your content is grammatically correct and free of typographical errors.

5) Market to MD and Attorneys —  This suggestion may be intimidating to many docs, but all it takes is a little preparation and follow through to be successful.image of a personal injury lawyer Many MDs recognize the value of chiropractic treatment and would welcome the opportunity to refer difficult-to-treat neck and pain cases– and most PI attorneys are always on the look out for skilled chiropractors to help with their personal injury cases. Today we received a phone call today from a Dallas firm looking for a chiropractor with whom to partner. Because they were a newer firm without a list of established chiros and were eager to talk, we were able to outline our requirements (n particular, our aversion to the heavily discounted settlements many attorneys offer at the close of a case) .

Read one of our past articles or pick up our inexpensive guide on Marketing to MDs and Attorneys to get more ideas on how to get started in this lucrative field.

6) Use a Chiropractic Newsletter to Create a Marketing List – Besides offering valuable articles and information to your existing patients, a chiropractic newsletter can also drum up new business. Add a newsletter signup form on your chiropractic newsletter and you’ll be on your way to bulding valuable prospective patient. As your list grows, include your prospects in all future marketing. (Be sure to include an opt-in form and a way for your prospects to unsubscribe from your marketing if they wish.)

7) Become a Recognizable Part of the Community – Keep yourself fresh in the minds of those looking for a chiropractor by becoming an integral part of the community. There are many everyday activities that will allow you to mingle with other people and subtly market your business. Volunteering, parent groups, gyms, hobby groups, and taking part in community events are all excellent ways to gain exposure for your practice. It is also helpful to become part of the business community. Join business organizations like your local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau and become friendly with other business owners. Offer to display or feature other local businesses in your office or on your website if they’re interested in reciprocating. Make the time to attend commerce meetings, or any function that supports local business.

Each of these marketing tools adds another marketing dimension to your practice. Follow these tips and the others on our site and you’ll find it easy to create a business that’s flourishes without paid advertising!

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