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Could your chiropractic practice benefit from more new patients? If you’re like most doctors, the answer is yes. There’s only one problem. Most traditional chiropractic marketing strategies are labor intensive. They require you to spend countless weekends and evenings rounding up new patients through spinal screenings and dinner talks.

There’s a solution…

Imagine if most mornings you arrive at your office to find a new patient referral sitting in the tray of your fax. It’s accompanied by a letter of protection from a prominent local personal injury attorney.

Let’s say this happens often, because over the last few months you’ve worked with this particular attorney on a several cases, successfully treating her clients and helping her win cases and handsome settlements. You’ve built a solid relationship with this lawyer, have gained her trust and become her “go-to” chiropractor. She now sends many of her personal injury cases your way.

Furthermore, because of your experience, you now have the confidence to contact other local attorneys. The new lawyers you contact, will in turn welcome your expertise and services. Your success with personal injury cases is skyrocketing…

Wow. What a financial windfall this would be for your chiropractic practice.

More money and security

It could give you more financial freedom, reduce the amount of time you spend marketing and secure your future.

Use our easy and economical MD/DO – Attorney Referral toolkit and this could happen for you — just like it did for us.

We developed our toolkit because we wanted even more ways to increase patient referrals. So we decided to create series of letters, forms and referral pads that would make it easy for us to approach Attorneys and MDs — on their terms. The toolkit worked so well we knew other chiropractors would benefit from this simple system too.

Now, we’re presenting it to you…


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Our toolkit offers everything you need to get your MD and Attorney referrals up and running for a remarkably low price.

Here’s what you’ll get:

    • A PDF guide with instructions and tips for maximizing your success
    • An introductory letter for physicians
    • An introductory letter for attorneys
    • A follow-up letter for physicians
    • A follow-up letter for attorneys
    • A quick start guide with recommendations for customizing your letters
    • A spreadsheet to organize and track your contacts
    • A patient authorization form
    • A sample patient report to be used to update physicians
    • A PDF of a referral pad for physicians
    • A PDF of a referral pad for attorneys (PDF)

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Don’t get us wrong, we’re not claiming you won’t have a role to play. This system won’t work without your input. (Let’s be honest, you should seriously think twice about turning over your hard earned cash to anyone who does claim to have an “autopilot” marketing solution.)

Clear instructions for your staff

You (or your assistant) will need to make a few phone calls and send a few gift baskets to the Attorneys and MDs who refer new patients. That’s a cinch when you follow our clear, step-by-step guide that tells you what to say for maximum success.

What makes our toolkit different

You might be wondering why this program is different from other chiropractic marketing products you could buy.

A note from Dr. Mixon…
“This toolkit wasn’t designed by a group of internet marketers looking for a quick way to cash in on the alternative health industry. Kerrin, an experienced copywriter, and I, work together as a team. I’m a chiropractor in active practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and our competitive marketplace demands ‘A level’ marketing. For the last seven years, we have developed economical chiropractic marketing products. These techniques have transformed my chiropractic practice into a thriving business that has continued to grow throughout this tough recession.”

Written by a professional copywriter

The introductory and follow up letters that are the foundation of the Referral Toolkit, are designed to showcase you and your chiropractic practice by enhancing your professional credibility. The letters also employ subtle techniques that engage your reader’s attention and heighten interest.

Customer Support

We believe in the MD-DO and Attorney Referral Toolkit and we’re committed to helping you succeed. That’s why we are available to answer your questions. Just call us at 877-697-8615. Since the marketing tools we sell are the only ones we use ourselves, we’re well equipped to help you get started.

Money Back Guarantee

In addition, our MD-DO and Attorney Toolkit is backed by a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee. You’ll have plenty of time to try it out to decide if it’s right for you. If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied, just contact us for a full refund—no questions asked.

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Instantly available

Your toolkit will be delivered by instant download. Buy your program today and you can get started tonight.

Affordable Price

Wow - Hand Drawn BlueFor only $39.97, you’ll receive all the tools outlined above; professionally crafted letters that will grab the attention of your prospect, sample report and authorization forms, a spreadsheet to keep organized, PDFs of referral pads you can send to your printer, and a step-by-step program guide to help you maximize your success.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain—so click the buy now button to get your instant download.

Best Wishes for Your Success,

James Mixon, D.C. & Kerrin Kuntzman, Copywriter

P.S. In today’s economy, the safest way to grow your business is to have many different ways to bring new patients into your practice. Creating solid relationships with Attorneys and MDs is one of the most effective chiropractic marketing strategies available to you.

The work you do now will help your practice today—and far into the future. Remember…your purchase is completely protected by our 60 day money back guarantee.


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