How to Market to Lawyers to Get Profitable Personal Injury Referrals

PI lawyers are always looking for personal injury chiropractors to help them with their client’s cases. And that’s good news because personal injury referrals can add a solid chunk of change to your chiropractic practice’s bottom line. But in order to capitalize on this golden opportunity, you must know how to market to personal injury lawyers.

Fortunately, you already have all the skills you need. Your years of training and experience have taught you to diagnose and treat patients that suffer from traumatic neuromuscular injuries. And you’re more than qualified to deliver top-notch rehabilitative therapy.

So what you need next is is a strategy to attract personal injury referrals.

Finding good prospects is easy. Just open a phone book or check out an online directory. You’ll find dozens of attorneys advertising their services for personal injury clients. How to effectively connect with those PI attorneys is a little more tricky.

Skip the personal injury postcards

A lot of chiropractors resort to sending personal injury postcards to help them generate new leads. Here’s why we don’t like this method.

  1. It’s hokey. I’m sure we’re offending a a few readers by voicing this opinion, but you’ve got to admit a cartoon character on crutches does look a little cheesy. Even some of the better designs resort to typical legal cliches, like a gavel resting on a wooden desk, or iconic marble pillars.
  2. It’s not personal. Slapping a computer generated label on a pre-printed postcard does not count as personalized. Writing out the lawyer’s name and address isn’t much better.
  3. It suggests a lack of time and effort. When we receive a postcard in the mail, we know it’s usually part of a mass mailing. Most likely your prospect will believe the same thing. In fact, he may think he’s one of hundreds of lawyers receiving the same card. Wouldn’t it strike a better note if prospect received a personalized invitation to learn more about your practice?
  4. It lacks professionalism. This expands upon reason #1. In addition to issues of questionable design, a postcard suggests economy and thrift and hints at techniques practiced by used car salesmen. If we received a postcard in the mail from a PI attorney, we might categorize him as an ambulance chaser. If you were to send out a postcard to a prospective attorney, how would he/she think of you?

>After looking at the problems associated with using postcards to market to personal injury lawyers, it’s obvious there must a better way to connect with prospects. A method that’s both personal and professional and that educates your prospect on how your services will benefit both attorney and patient alike.

That’s where the MD-DO and Attorney Referral Toolkit comes in. Our simple program teaches you how to market to personal injury lawyers while doing the hard work for you. The toolkit provides professionally written marketing letters for Attorneys, MDs and DOs. These well-written letters will demonstrate your professionalism and give your prospect ample reason to jump at the opportunity to meet with you.

Follow our step-by-step guide to customize your professionally written letters . From there we’ll walk you through the next steps needed to wrap up your first personal injury referral case.

For about the price of an evening at the movies, you’ll get everything you need to begin your own personal injury chiropractic practice. As an added bonus, you’ll receive marketing letters for MDs too. You’ll never lack for patients with the kind of referrals you’ll generate from doctors and layers when using this easy toolkit.

No risk offer

Take advantage of our $39.97 offer and you’ll have 30 days to look over the program and use the letters along with all the other tools, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, contact us for a full refund.

Get started today

Order the MD-DO and Attorney toolkit today and you’ll receive an instant download containing the complete kit. All major credit cards are accepted and your purchase is totally secure.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A PDF booklet with instructions and tips for maximizing your success
  • A quick start guide with recommendations for customizing your letters
  • An introductory letter for physicians
  • An introductory letter for attorneys
  • A follow-up letter for physicians
  • A follow-up letter for attorneys
  • A spreadsheet to organize and track your contacts
  • A patient authorization form
  • A sample patient report to be used to update physicians
  • A sample referral pad for physicians (PDF)
  • A sample referral pad for attorneys (PDF)

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