Along with your chiropractic marketing, patient appreciation days, and community goodwill projects, one of the best ways to promote yourself and your practice is by using social media. One of the best social media websites that can help you locally is LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of chiropractic marketing tools.

LinkedIn is the leading site for business professionals of all kinds. Unlike FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter, LinkedIn is a social networking website for the business and career minded who don’t have the time to play Farmville or wax poetic about their latest caramel macchiato.

While certainly not the only tool you should be using in your on-line promotion efforts, LinkedIn is extremely effective and deserves a fair investment of your time and attention. LinkedIn can help you create an on-line “testimonial” site, where not only your credentials are noted but actual, live people and patients will leave positive feedback about you, your clinic, your staff and the wonderful results that they have received.

That is powerful branding!

patient appreciation day ad Patient Appreciation Day Ideas Hawaiian LuauWe’ve listed a few of the best ways LinkedIn can be used to create an effective online presence that will  get new chiropractic patients clamoring for your services.

Most LinkedIn members only complete about 70% of their profile details. While this may be okay on sites like Tumblr or Pinterest, your LinkedIn profile will work best when it is 100% complete. A finished profile will not only give other members better insight into your skills and experience – it will also elevate your search engine results on LinkedIn – and on the internet in general.

Although it will take time and a little bit of effort, be sure to add your professional history and list any special skills you have acquired no matter how minor you consider them. This will allow more people to find you based on the keywords they input when searching.

In order to complete your profile you will also need at least three “recommendations” from other LinkedIn members. These do not need to be long winded testaments to your incredible skills but instead can be short, lively recommendations that are easy to read and digest.

The key to getting the three recommendations you need (and as many more as you can) is to ask. Notice any former office managers or chiropractic assistants on the site? Ask them for a recommendation. How about your former partner or the DC you worked for when you first graduated? Ask them! Most importantly, if you have a patient who has had great results in your offices ask him/her to write you a recommendation. It is believed that a person that has a high number of brief recommendations will do better than someone who has only 2 or 3 longer ones.

Another way to boost your ratings, is to brand yourself as an expert on a certain subject. Obviously as a Chiropractor you are an expert in musculoskeletal problems, but you may also have specialized knowledge in other areas. Perhaps your emphasis is in nutrition or you are a spinal decompression specialist. You need to let other LinkedIn members know. You can do this by using the answers tab where you can offer to answer questions asked by other LinkIn members. Your answers are then rated and, as they gain rankings, you will be branded as an expert in that particular subject.

The “Groups” tab helps you find LinkedIn groups related to your specialty, industry, or any civic groups you belong to. Here quantity is not as important as quality, but it is recommended that you join as many as possible (up to 50). When you belong to more “Groups” you’ll have more potential contacts. Once you have joined a group and been confirmed by the group owner, check to see what the group’s discussion board guidelines are. If they permit it, post a personal note about yourself and your practice.

The name of the game with LinkedIn is to form as many relationships with other members as possible, get positive recommendations, and, of course, to make sure that everything on the site about you is positive. That means always treating other LinkedIn members with the utmost respect and kindness (even if sometimes that’s the last thing you want to do) and always giving excellent service to your chiropractic patients. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll be well on your way to creating a powerful online reputation.

Linked in is just one of many affordable ways to market your practice. Return to the homepage to find more affordable practice development strategies. 


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Kerrin Kuntzman

Kerrin is a marketing specialist and online copywriter who creates engaging website content for local chiropractors. She is an ardent supporter of chiropractic medicine and uses chiropractic treatment not only for herself, but for her pets as well! You can view Kerrin's Google profile here.

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