Get Free Publicity for Your Chiropractic Practice

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful chiropractic practice. Beyond keeping up with the nuts and bolts of your daily operation, you’ve also got to find the time and money to market your services. And some forms of marketing can get downright expensive.

But getting publicity for your small business doesn’t have to be costly. It just takes a bit of ingenuity. In this article we’ll show you 5 easy ways to get free publicity.

Get media attention

Do you have an attention-grabbing event or a human interest story that you can share? Why not submit a press release to your local newspaper?

Newspapers are always looking for good stories to entertain and educate their audiences. Of course, it’s not always easy to get a newspaper to publish your press release – you may be competing with hundreds of other news releases for the same space. But by following these guidelines you’ll increase your odds of success:

Create an eye catching headline — It’s worth spending time to get your headline right. After all, your headline will be the first thing the Assignment Editor sees when reaching for your press release. Take a tip from copywriter great, Michael Masterson, — make your headline extraordinary by conveying a message that is useful, ultra-specific, unique, and urgent. Although it can be difficult to incorporate each of the 4 “U”s into a headline, try to achieve three out of the four and you’ll do well.

Communicate your message quickly. This is the time to exercise clean, concise writing skills. In your first paragraph, focus on who, what, when, where and why… Don’t make the beginner’s mistake of turning the press release into an advertisement for your chiropractic practice. Instead go for a story that is both interesting and informative.

If you need ideas developing a compelling story – give one of these newsworthy suggestions a try…

  • Host a local charity day – this variation on a traditional patient appreciation day allows you to give back to the community while you and your patients have a great time.
  • Show your support for the military – Set aside one day or afternoon to offer free adjustments to active servicemen.
  • The following recommendation comes from SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses succeed. They suggest closing your business for one day a year.During that time you and your entire staff can volunteer to do a day of charity work. Imagine the possible headlines… “Local Chiropractor Closes Doors to Help the Needy”, or “Local Chiropractor Closes Doors to Save Homeless Pets”.
  • Did you achieve success by overcoming a difficult obstacle? If so, you may have a valuable story that could serve as inspiration to others.

Online publicity

With the help of the internet, there are more ways than ever to get free publicity. You can create press releases, publish informational articles, and develop a social network of engaged fans.

Write an informative article, add it to your website and submit links to Digg and Reddit. Digg and Reddit are social news websites designed to help people share articles from all over the web. Readers provide links to noteworthy articles and can view and comment on the stories they read. Google includes these articles in their search engines results, which will help direct traffic to your site.

Submit articles to article directories – the payoff? You’ll gain free publicity and enhance your authority. A quick search pulls up dozens of directories that accept free submissions.

Here’s a handful of the most popular:

Take advantage of Facebook – create a business page on Facebook and strike up a conversation with interested readers.

What better way to get small business publicity than by placing your business listing in local business directories? New online business directories are sprouting up every day. Educated consumers often go to the web to check out reviews of the businesses and medical professionals they’re considering. Use this to your advantage. Provide top notch service to your chiropractic patients and over time you’ll receive a number of favorable reviews.

Go Old School

And finally — explore local resources. Post flyers in the nearby senior, community, and fitness centers. Consider adding a special offer for new patients to attract more response.

Take advantage of these free resources and you’ll be well on your way to gaining priceless free publicity for your chiropractic business.

Article Marketing can drive new prospective patient to your website. It’s fun and easy to do.

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