Like it or not, gone are the days when a quarter page Yellow Page ad kept your phone ringing off the hook and new patients walking through the door. Today new chiropractic patients are more influenced by a first page Google listing than old style phone book ads.

In many ways, this is great news for chiropractors. A first page organic (not paid) listing on Google can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website. And if your chiropractic website is well structured, it can bring you tons of new patients as well.

Many of our doctors are a bit skeptical about this claim, but it’s very possible to generate 5 to 8 new patients per week directly from your chiropractic website — without much effort! In looking over our stats for this article, I found that on Wednesday alone we scheduled 4 new patients from phone calls generated by the internet.

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Search algorithm changes demand attention

However, recent changes in Google’s algorithm mean that you can no longer take a passive approach to your chiropractic website. Even if you’ve hired a website company to handle your site, you need to understand the rules of the game to be sure you’re getting good value for your money.

Recently, Google’s Panda algorithm update created havoc with websites that had weak or poor content, sending formerly high ranking sites tumbling off the first page of search engine page results (SERPS) and into relative obscurity. For many web masters, this had disastrous financial consequences, and left them wondering how to recover. Many other websites were left entirely unaffected.

What made the difference?

In large part, the difference could be traced to the quality of the website’s content.

Although there have always been certain informal rules that most website writers and search engine optimization professionals follow, the new algorithms changes upped the ante.

Whereas in years past, a new page of content could be fairly short and still receive Google’s attention, now that content must be longer and have more substance. In addition, it is still important for the content to be unique, (meaning that it’s not posted anywhere else on the internet).

Does your chiropractic website company deliver unique content?

Posting unique content can be easy to control if you write your own website pages and blog posts. But are you sure you’re getting unique content if you are subscribing to a chiropractic website company or are hiring someone else to write content for you?

There is an easy way to check if the content posted to your site is unique. For only 5 centts per search, Copyscape allows you to check whether anyone has plagiarized your content or verify that the content your writer or website company has created is unique.

This is more important than many people realize. Duplicate content is extremely prevalent and from a search engine standpoint is of minimal value.

To give you an idea of how this works, I took a page of text from another local chiropractor’s site. I then copied and pasted that text into Copyscape’s premium version. The results are shown below.

Duplicate content on chiropractic websites

As you can see, there are 59 other chiropractors’ websites that share almost the identical webpage. (I have blurred out the names of the websites and urls for privacy reasons). If you’re like me, the last thing I want is cookie cutter website content.Particulary if I’ve paid a website company to supply me with “unique” content.

“Fresher” is better

In addition to unique content, Google’s “Fresh” algorithim update makes it even more important to have frequently updated website pages and posts. Designed to determine which searches demand fresher results, this algorithm affects approximately 35% of searches. Quickly changing news items, like celebrity information and sports results are those most often impacted by this change, but it can also work to your advantage as well.

To show you how you can benefit, take a look below. These were the results I found when I searched the term, Garland chiropractor.

picture of page ranks of chiropractic websites

As you can see, a few spots below our number 1 result, there is a second result, for a fairly recent blog post from our site. Two first page Google results will definely increase the liklihood of patient conversions.

Although I do invest a small amount of money on content development (I don’t have the time to write my own blog posts) and search engine optimization, this cost is trivial when compared to forms of advertising like pay per click and newspaper ads.

You can use these simple content techniques to improve your own website’s ranking. Converting traffic from your chiropractic website is getting new chiropractic patients the easy way!

To learn more about chiropractic websites and other ways to improve your chiropractic marketing, return to our home page now.

About the Author

Dr. James Mixon

James Mixon is co-editor of the Chiropractic Marketing Guide and a chiropractor in active practice in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. He is married and the father of three young, active children.

4 Responses to Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Your Chiropractic Website Content
  1. As a Chiropractor with more than my fair share of Internet marketing experience I can tell you that the biggest mistake most Chiro’s make is to let someone else take care of adding content to their website or Blog. Unless you have someone who you trust implicitly there is a high chance that you will get content that is ‘borrowed’ or straight up copied and stolen. CONTENT IS KING people. If you can’t provide a few original lines of info for your patients on a regular basis maybe you maybe you need to re-think your priorities. Take a few minutes, give some great stuff that really matters, and the people will find you. They will seek you out.

    If you need help with SEO hire that out, but never your content. Chiropractic has already been diluted enough, don’t you agree?

  2. I have written all my articles on my website because it addresses concerns from my patients. I couldn’t imagine someone else doing it without knowing anything about my practice.

  3. Dr. James Mixon

    I agree you’re in the best position to write your own articles — since article writing is obviously one of your skills. Unfortunately it’s not one of mine. But I’m also lucky to have access to a copywriter who specializes in the chiropractic field. Kerrin writes all of my articles. She and I have working together for about eight years now.

  4. Thanks for helping all of us!

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