How Directories Help Showcase Your Chiropractic Practice

Put simply, directories help prospective chiropractic patients find you. They also help you advertise your services and in many cases, differentiate your chiropractic practice from others around you. Some listings will let you showcase specific chiropractic techniques and post any additional services you may provide (like therapeutic massage, acupuncture and nutritional services), while other sites just offer the basics.

Let’s take a look at two general categories, phone, both offline and online, and chiropractic directories.

To get maximum exposure, list your chiropractic practice in both.

First, let’s talk about phone books. Those of us who spend much of our time on computers might think traditional phone books and the yellow pages are dead. Not so to many of your patients.

There’s a whole generation of chiropractic patients who are more comfortable letting their fingers do the walking — the old fashioned way. And there are other chiropractic patients who might not have internet access. Yes, it’s rare these days, but it still exists.

By listing your practice with both online and offline phone books, you’ll reach tech-savvy patients as well as those traditionalists who would rather not own a computer.

An online chiropractic directory can provide a great service for local chiropractors. Some offer free listings, others are fee-based. Either way, they specifically target people who are actively searching for a chiropractor.

Many of the chiropractic directories provide an opportunity to upgrade to a featured listing, where, depending on the number of chiropractors competing for the same opportunity, your listing will be featured front and center. In many cases you can create a complete profile including a photo and a compelling mission statement about your practice.

Listing your practice is fairly quick and easy, and is a great investment of time.

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