Chiropractor Directories Can Help DCs Reach New Chiropractic Patients

On this page we’ve posted a listing of some of the most visible chiropractor directories on the web. Like most websites, these directories vary greatly in quality. Next to each website address, we’ve offered a purely subjective opinion about the site and its features.

Our goal is to help expedite your search for effective chiropractor directories – those that offer real value for your marketing dollar. And although it might be hard to determine exactly how much business these directories will route your way, we think it makes sense to choose a few. Then wait and see… With any luck, it will be much easier for new chiropractic patients to find you.

One recommendation about chiropractor directories… be very selective. Remember – there are many chiropractic marketing strategies and tips offered within this guide. In the same way you would build a well-balanced stock portfolio, we believe diversification is the key to a successful chiropractic marketing plan. – Free. This chiropractor directory offers a free listing by submitting your request to the webmaster. Be sure to include your name along with your practice’s name, the business address and phone number. – Free standard listing. This information website for chiropractors and chiropractic patients also offers a chiropractic directory. Upgraded listings are available, ranging in cost from $39.95 per year to $145.95 per year. – Fee based. Very attractive, easy to navigate site. For less than $20.00 per month, you will receive a profiled listing which allows you to include detailed information about your chiropractic practice. – Fee based. This chiropractor directory offers affordable featured advertising spots at a current rate of $29.95 per month. You may include comprehensive profile information as well three patient testimonials. – Fee based – low cost. Yearly fees range from $9.95 to $59.95 per year depending on the package selected. Easy to navigate. – Fee based chiropractor directory operated by

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This directory requires a little explanation. When you agree to be included, your practice is assigning a specific Yext telephone number. All phone calls generated by this directory are routed to your practice via this specific phone number.

This allows Yext to track and record all phone calls. In turn you are billed $29.95 for any call that includes a series of keywords that indicates a patient may have scheduled an appointment. They provide a transcript of every call made through their portal as verification and you are able to set a maximum spending cap per month.

To evaluate this directory’s potential we tried it for about three months. We set our monthly budget at $300.00.

Here’s a brief description of our experience: We seemed to receive good exposure through this directory. Each month we received numerous calls. Unfortunately most of the phone calls came from existing patients who had forgotten our phone number. Since they dialed in using the unique directory phone number provided by Yext, we were billed $29.95 for each of those contacts.

In addition, those patients who dialed in using the Yext phone number tended to save that phone number, and would call again using the same number, costing us additional contact fees. Also be aware the transcipts are computer generated, so not all patients who use the pre-set key words actually schedule an appointment.

Yext also submits the listing to various phone directories. We have found that after canceling our service with Yext, the listing has remained active in various online phone books — complete with the incorrect phone number. – Fee based. Their consumer information site is Chiropractic America, LLC, promotes itself as an organization that is passionate about advocating the benefits of spinal health. High initial membership cost of $249.00 in additional to a substantial monthly membership fee of $195. An additional $150.00 per month is billed for if you wish to be listed in an additional zip code area. – The publishers of the website proudly proclaim that chiropractors are presented in no particular order, no particular chiropractic practice style, or preference for specific chiropractic technique. The purpose of this directory is unclear as the listing intentionally are not organized by state or any other criteria that we can see. – Fee based. This busy appearing website offers a cheap price (as low a $30.00 per year for a listing), but not many amenities. We found the layout confusing and hard to navigate. When checking for chiropractors in our area, most listing were returned as “demo listings.” We found no “verified” or complete listings of chiropractors in the area we searched.


Start using chiropractor directories to advertise your practice—then discover even more places to list your practice for free.

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