Writing For Your Chiropractic Website | Tips for Better Content

The foundation of great chiropractic website is high quality content. Everything else, pictures, video, audio clips, serves to enhance the written message. Writing your website involves a bit of planning. Many typical chiropractic websites will need only 6-10 pages. (Depending upon your search engine optimization strategy, more pages may be useful, but are not absolutely essential.)

Keep the site simple and easy to navigate. Navigation bars across the top and down the left, are better than those located on the right hand side of the screen. (As we naturally read from left to right, items located on the left and middle of the screen receive more attention.)

Use photos to engage your reader’s interest. The photos may be of your staff, facility, products and services. Be sure the photos are well-designed and attractive. Don’t, however, use background images, as it is usually a sign of an amateur site. Short videos will also help create rapport with your reader.

When writing your website, you want to be sure your chiropractic patients know:

  • You can help them with their neck pain, back pain or other medical conditions – Do this by describing your services and products and telling how you can solve their problems.
  • You are well qualified and trustworthy – Tell your prospective patients, with passion, about the reason you decided to become a chiropractor. Doing so will increase your credibility.
  • You are a respected member of the community – Mention your memberships in chiropractic organizations like the ACA, as well as local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • It’s easy to find you – In addition to your basic information, include a link to an appropriate Google or Yahoo map, by using the long URL that appears in the local map page you prefer. Alternately, you could have a local art student or a graphics design firm create a small map.
  • Chiropractic care is safe, economical and effective – Offer a question and answer page where you can address common questions about chiropractic care in order to ease patients’ concerns.

Be sure to include pertinent keywords to assist in search engine optimization.picture of md-attorney referral toolkit

Optional pages you may also want to add:

  • Online forms for new patients – This will significantly speed up your paperwork process.
  • Information on massage therapy, vitamins, homeopathy, or any other products you may offer.

After you’ve finished writing your website, develop a clear plan for search engine optimization. Whether you choose to use a search engine optimization specialist or do the work yourself, a combination of stategies designed to include keywords, links, and social networking will increase your website’s visibility.

Writing For Your Chiropractic Website | Tips for Better Content
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