Search Engine Optimization – Your First Step to Higher Page Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is a term that is bandied about a lot these days. We’ll offer a brief overview of what it is, and why optimizing your web pages for a search engine is so important.

All search engines — Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. — have one top priority: to return a list of relevant websites for any given search. Not an easy task when you consider that most searches are comprised of less than three words and the search engine must scan billions of pages and deliver results in seconds.

Consequently, search engines are continually striving to improve their complicated search algorithms. The search engines want to provide better search results than their competition. Doing so keeps us, the searchers, happy — and coming back. And that’s definitely in their best interest, as there is a huge amount of online advertising revenue at stake.
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How search engine optimization will help your chiropractic website’s ranking

Of course, we’d all love to see our chiropractic websites achieve first page ranking with Google. But how to achieve that goal can be a little puzzling. Google is quite secretive about their page ranking system. And Google tweaks its search algorithms on an almost daily basis to protect against competition and abuse.

Here is what we do know…

The use of specific keywords helps Google determine the general content of the website. In the case of your website, those keywords might be chiropractor, chiropractic, etc. Since Google uses relevance as their focus for delivering high quality content to searchers they will also consider the following:

  1. Is your website or web page focused around a keyword phrase?
  2. Is the keyword or keyword phrase mentioned throughout the page?
  3. Does the keyword link to another page on the website?
  4. Is the subject matter of the page, similar to that of the adjacent pages? (In Google’s ranking system, this is interpreted as having more relevance.)
  5. Does your website receive links from other websites and are those websites ranked higher than yours?
  6. Is your website mentioned on Facebook, Twitter or via other social media and social networking sites?

In addition to the above, the age of your website is another factor that plays a role in page rank. All in all, it takes time for even the highest quality sites to achieve a top ranking with Google.

Beware of shortcuts or tricks…

If anyone tells you they know the secret to getting your website on page one of Google in a week, – run the other way!

Deceptive or “Black Hat” practices like keyword “stuffing” and hidden text, can have severe consequences. Google can punish offenders by dropping their page ranking or even banning their URLs.

So take it slow, and if you wish, enlist the assistance of qualified website SEO specialist to help you add search engine optimization techniques, along with a well-planned linking strategy to your chiropractic website.



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Search Engine Optimization – Your First Step to Higher Page Rankings
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