Online Video Marketing Will Give Your Website a Competitive Edge

A decade ago, just having a website gave a business a competitive edge.

Now people expect much more from online marketing and advertising. They are no longer satisfied browsing a website only filled with text. Online video marketing, with its unique power to entertain and inform, is the next important step in delivering media rich content that consumers crave.

Here’s another thing you need to know. Videos can do more than educate and inform – they can also sell… In one study, online videos increased click through rates by 750% when compared to traditional banner ads. Additionally, a two-minute video can impart the same amount of information as a 16 page sales letter.

Your online chiropractic video has the power to engage your prospective patient on many levels, emotionally, intellectually and psychologically. It will also help the patient clearly understand the tone and intent of your message.

If you’re afraid your website and video won’t reach your targeted audience — don’t worry. Online video is no longer just a young person’s medium. Studies show that over 50% of people over age 40 turn to their computers before TV for entertainment. It also appears viewers are strongly influenced by video and are more apt to take action as a result of watching an ad or video.picture of md-attorney referral toolkit

Tap into a growing market

60% of high-speed internet users download or access a video every week, while 86% download monthly…

Here are few ideas to how to use a chiropractic video to your advantage:

  • Create online video patient testimonials – As a viewer sees and hears your existing patients promoting your chiropractic service, their confidence in you will soar!
  • Use online video marketing to showcase a particular product or service – Products accompanied by video demos have higher conversion rates than those products without videos.
  • Produce a chiropractic video with health advice or tips on back care – A well-made video that provide valuable information will help your prospective patients see you as the authority you are…

Online video marketing can play a part in your search engine optimization efforts.

Online Video Marketing Will Give Your Website a Competitive Edge
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