Add a Professional Chiropractic Video to Your Website in Just Minutes

Have you considered incorporating a chiropractic video into your website? If you haven’t, you should. It’s an easy way to grab your reader’s attention. Just look at the popularity of YouTube and you’ll understand the attraction of video.

In the last five years, advances in technology and faster connection speeds have made more sophisticated technologies possible. Emarketer estimates that consumers will continue to demand more online video and says that video advertising is expected to top $2.3 billion by 2011.

In addition, studies suggest that online video marketing can increase click-through rates by as much as 7 times. But if you look around, you’ll see that most chiropractic websites still don’t incorporate this vital element.

That’s a shame, because a webmaster who confines their site to text and static images is losing an opportunity to engage their website visitor and keep them on their pages longer.

We suspect most chiros haven’t added a chiropractic video because they’re afraid it’s too difficult or that it will require special equipment—or maybe it’s because they believe their video might look amateurish.

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If you’ve cited any of the above as a reason for not including a chiropractic video on your website, we have an easy solution…

Recently, we wanted to add a virtual chiropractic office tour to James’s office website, We knew we had to do something fast and easy. We thought about shooting a short minute or two video on a digital camera.

That’s when a colleague mentioned an online service, Animoto that would allow us to make a professionally edited video, using photos from a digital camera. We decided to check it out. We made our first 30 second video for free in only 15 minutes—and we were stunned with the results.

Although made from still pictures, the professional editing makes it seem as though the clip was produced using with a video camera. The musical soundtrack enhances the effect. In fact, a friend asked us if we were the videographers. We decided to made a longer version, which we uploaded to You Tube, then embeded the video on the website. It’s hard to imagine it getting any easier. Plus, by creating one more external link, we helped our search engine rankings!

If you’d like to learn more about Animoto and how you can produce your own professional video using digital pics and a computer, visit Animoto at

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Add a Professional Chiropractic Video to Your Website in Just Minutes
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