3 Ways to Make Your Chiropractic Website a Patient-Generating Machine

If you are an actively practicing chiropractor, you need a chiropractic website. That’s a given. In this day and age, every serious business person must have a viable online presence. So, if you don’t have your own website yet, it’s time to make the investment.

With well over 200 million websites flooding the internet, your chiropractic website faces stiff competition. Luckily, there are three important things you can do to make sure your website is the supercharged, patient-generating machine it should be.

1) Make sure your site is seen. For all you website newbies, the term for making your website search engine-friendly is called search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is have have your website achieve a high organic (not paid) page rank.

SEO is a complicated topic that we’ve touched upon in a few previous articles. But it’s important to know that good SEO is vital to getting Google to index your website’s pages.

The basics of search engine optimization center upon the words people use when searching for information on a particular topic. These words are called keywords or key phrases. For your chiropractic website to perform well, it’s important to discover the actual keywords that people use when looking for a chiropractor. By entering those keywords into the metadata and the text of your web pages, you will optimize your website for the search engine. Building inbound links is another important aspect of any effective SEO strategy.

If you have written your own site, you can do much of this work yourself. We won’t kid you—it takes time, research and effort, but it can be done. If you’ve hired a website company to build your site, make sure that SEO is one of the services you’ll receive. Although this may seem obvious, many webdesigners are not well versed in SEO. Your third option is to hire a SEO professional. Although this is more costly, the fees could be quickly offset by your website’s improved performance.

2) Engage your visitors. The best way to pre-sell your visitors on your service is through your website’s content. The information that you share should be be informative and valuable. It should also be written in a friendly, approachable style.

Read over a few pages of your website. How does it read? Does your website sound like a medical journal? If so, it might be time to update your content.

You can also drum up interest in your chiropractic website by adding video. Video has be proven to increase the amount of time that people spend on a site. You can feature an online tour of the office, video testimonials or a short product demonstration

3) Give it time. Once you’ve made changes to your website, it will take time to see results. Google and the other search engines will need to find and act upon the changes. Therefore, it’s best to wait a month or two before making additional tweaks. Building a great website is a lot like the old fable of the tortoise and the hare. Take it slow, be consistent and you’ll get where you need to be.

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3 Ways to Make Your Chiropractic Website a Patient-Generating Machine
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