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Any discussion about free newsletter content should begin with a brief discussion about copyright law.

Although it may be tempting to reprint an interesting article from a web page or ezine, doing so might make you the unwitting target of a lawsuit. Many people are unaware of copyright laws. But in this case, ignorance is not bliss. Any time an article is reprinted, you must have permission.

Here’s what you need to know. Crediting the original source does not make it okay to reprint the article. You must go one step further and get permission to use the article from the original publication or the author. Whom you need to contact could vary depending upon who has the rights to the article. If that snippet of information isn’t daunting enough, you might also like to know that sophisticated computer technology is now designed to ferret out plagiarized content.

That being said, there are still acceptable ways to find free newsletter content.
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Why some free newsletter content is really just self-promotion

There are a number of sites where you can obtain copyright free newsletter content. This entitles you to reprint the articles free of charge. One such site is NewsUSA. In the case of NewsUSA, their articles are “client sponsored.” You are allowed to use and edit their articles as long as you retain their client’s name and information, and attribute the article to NewsUSA.

What does this mean? This suggests the articles are written as a skilled and subtle way of promoting their client. An article extolling the environmental virtues of using a food disposal to properly handle food waste is sponsored by… Insinkerator. An article on eco-friendly tips for motorists is sponsored by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Does this invalidate the benefit of these articles? That depends on your opinion. As long as you recognize these articles will have a bias in favor of the client, this site might still prove useful.

Many article authors follow a similar approach. However in these cases the articles become a form of self-promotion for the author herself/himself. It works this way… In exchange for allowing you to reprint their articles (for inclusion in e-newsletters only),the author requires you to include their byline, bio, and a link to their website.

That’s a lot of free promotion… but the articles are there for the taking.

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