Chiropractic Enewsletters – Tips and Pointers for Better Response

Chiropractic enewsletters provide an inexpensive way to distribute information to your existing chiropractic patients. Offering a sign-up for a free enewsletter will attract prospective patients to your website. Create an opt-in form so you’ll be able to collect email addresses from prospects who you can then include in later mailings.

Use a web-based email marketing program to simplify the process. Some webhosting companies offer free email management programs that will organize and maintain your mailings. In addition, there are many other online companies that will manage and send your emails and enewsletters for reasonable rates, often as low as $15 to $30 per month.

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There are a number of benefits you’ll receive by outsourcing the distribution of your chiropractic e-newsletter. Most importantly:

  1. You won’t tie up your computer resources with large mailings.
  2. Higher deliverability rates. It’s less likely that internet service providers (ISPs) will think you’re are a potential spammer.
  3. You’ll receive reports on patient response.
  4. You can use pre-structured newsletter templates to write your own newsletter.

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Some of these companies will also assist you in structuring your email mailing list. It is important that your mailing is a permission based mailing list, which means your patients and readers have given their permission to be added to the list. Also make sure you have a way your reader can unsubscribe.

There are several ways you can build your list. If you have a website you can add a button that says something like “Sign up now for our free enewsletter.” (Disclose your privacy practices to reassure your patients you will not share their email addresses.) You can also put a signup sheet in your office. On the header of the signup sheet, you can tell patients by signing up they will receive updates on special events and offers, as well as your free newsletter. If your office staff has time, you may also offer appointment confirmations via email. To further encourage patient response, add a spot for email addresses to your new patient paperwork.

When sending your chiropractic newsletter, to achieve higher response, don’t use of words that are likely to trigger spam filters. Here’s a short list of trigger words: free, guaranteed, credit card and finally one word that always turns heads—sex. Also avoid using words in ALL CAPS and colors like red, magenta, blue, etc., as well as heavy punctuation (!!!!???).

Use these ideas as a starting point and you’ll be on your way to an easy and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your patients. Good luck and good mailing!

Ways to get free newsletter content

Print or e-newsletter — What’s the best way to get your chiropractic newsletters read?

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