Print or E-newsletters: How to Send Your Chiropractic Newsletters for the Best Response

Chiropractic newsletters are valuable patient-building tools. By providing entertaining and informative content that’s likely to be read, a newsletter allows for gentle, consistent contact with your patient base. But how you deliver the newsletter can play a large part in its effectiveness.

Whether you offer your chiropractic newsletters every month, every other month, or even once a quarter, you need to decide upon the best method of delivery.

Traditionalists argue for snail mail and computer gurus for e-newsletters, but what works best for your patients? It is, after all, the patients we’re trying to please.

In most cases, we are ardent advocates of computer technology and all the marketing advances computers have enabled. However, in the case of chiropractic newsletters we have polled a great number of patients and the answer seems clear. The majority of patients tell us they would be more likely to read a newsletter received through the mail than those received by email.

A printed newsletter can be quickly scanned while sorting through the mail, or folded and tucked into a purse and read on the go. Either way, patients told us the would probably at least glance at the newsletter, before discarding it.

More often than not, these same patients told us they might skip or delete online newsletters.

You may be argue that if your chiropractic patients prefer printed newsletter, they could print out a hard copy of an e-newsletter. We agree that’s a possibility and are sure some of your patients would. However, it would likely be a small percentage of total readers. The need for extra effort on the part of your patient will decrease your odds of having the newsletter read.picture of md-attorney referral toolkit

Let’s address e-newsletters…

Thinking like your patient—ask yourself how eager you are to have another yet email added to your in-box? Most peoples in-boxes are already overflowing with the virtual equivalent of junk mail. In these days of marketing overload, many patients are not interested in sharing their email addresses with business owners.

Obviously e-newsletters do have a great cost advantage. So if maintaining a tight rein on your marketing budget is critical, you might choose to test out a chiropractic e-newsletter. When you’re ready, read our tips for getting patients to share their email addresses and other ideas to improve readership.

Our only suggestion—if possible, try mailing out your newsletter the traditional way a few times, before switching to e-newsletters. That way you’ll be able to tell what delivery method gives you the best rate of return. And remember, reactivating just a couple of patients should more than cover the cost of an entire newsletter mailing.

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