Learn What an Online Chiropractic Directory Can Do for You

Chiropractic Directories provide a valuable service for patients who need to find a chiropractor, but don’t know where to start. The best directories are well organized and easy to navigate. They may also list office hours, payment methods, and what insurances are accepted.

Some directories even offer chiropractors an opportunity to list their techniques and to spotlight specialty services, like therapeutic massage and acupuncture¦ But for a chiropractic directory to work, a patient must be able to easily find it when doing an internet search.

Let’s try an experiment and perform a search using popular search terms¦

Begin your search for popular chiropractic directories by plugging in the name of your city, then the word chiropractor. Disregard the paid advertisements at the top of the page (we’ll discuss paid advertising in the pay per click section), as well as the results for local chiropractors. Scan the page for any web sites that appear to be chiropractic directories.

Perform a second search by reversing the order of the two words. For example, try Garland Chiropractor, then Chiropractor Garland, etc. Each search will yield different results. In our area, Garland, Texas, the term “Garland chiropractors” is more frequently searched for than the term “chiropractors Garland.” This is important.

The first few listings that are returned when you search “Garland chiropractor” will receive more traffic then “chiropractor Garland.” Consequently, the directories pulled up when using the first search term are directories that may prove more valuable in drumming up new business.

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Continue your search for chiropractic directories using each of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing. Although it is estimated that Google accounts for over 84% off all internet searches, there are still plenty of people that use Yahoo, Ask and Bing. (Read on… you’ll also find a link to popular chiropractic directories at the bottom of the page.)

Obviously any listing on page one is good, as are the first few listing on page two. In fact, listings that rank in the top spots of page two may receive better traffic than those occupying the lower positions of page one. But, by the time you reach the bottom of page two and beyond, it’s questionable whether or not the directory will receive the kind of traffic that’s necessary to make your listing worthwhile.

Also, consider whether the listing is free, or if there is a monthly or yearly fee. Directories fees run from surprisingly affordable to ridiculously expensive.

Then if you decide to list your chiropractic practice in a directory, take a commonsense approach and begin with those guides that receive good page ranking and are free or inexpensive. Read on for a list of popular chiropractor directories.

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