How to Select the Best Photo for Your Chiropractic Ad

If you’ve decided to run an editorial-style chiropractic ad you’ll need to select a photo to accompany it. And although this may seem like a simple task, the right choice will make a big difference.

Keep the photo informal. In other words, avoid professional studio portraits — and skip the lab coat.

Our reasoning — Chiropractic patients tend to expect something a little different from the traditional medical model… So deliver on their expectations. A more casual photo will help you appear approachable and down to earth.

Indoor or outdoor photos don’t seem to make much of a difference in response, although we lean toward outdoor shots in our own ads. Do what you’re most comfortable with.

Now let’s talk about whom to include in your photo. If within your ad copy, you feature the story of patient’s remarkable recovery, feel free to include that patient in the photo as well. (Alongside you, of course.) If that doesn’t meld with your plans, the picture will work equally well with you alone.

However, most of the editorial chiropractic ads we’ve seen include not only the doctor himself (or herself as the case may be), but also his/her spouse, children and maybe even their dogs.

Our advice is to simplify. Ultimately, the primary focus of the ad is upon you and your chiropractic practice. Therefore it makes sense that you should be the subject of the photo. Include your dog if you want… After all, who doesn’t love a dog? But otherwise keep the distractions to a minimum.

We know our opinion on the above differs from conventional chiropractic wisdom. And although we understand the logic, (that the inclusion of the family is designed to establish rapport with your prospective patient) we feel that task can be better accomplished through dynamic and engaging ad copy.

Don’t worry – your new chiropractic patient will have a chance to see the family photos on their first visit to your office.

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