Why It’s Best to Use Newspaper Inserts When Running Your Chiropractic Ad

You may not be familiar with the difference between newspaper inserts and placement ads – particularly if you haven’t done a lot of print advertising.

A placement ad is one that is printed within the body of the newspaper, perhaps the metro or lifestyle section. The ad takes up a quarter, half, or whole page, depending the size you choose.

Newspaper inserts, on the other hand, are printed on a separate sheet of paper and are inserted into the newspaper. In theory, insert ads receive more readership, as the insert is likely to slip out of the newspaper during handling, thereby grabbing the readers attention.

The placement ad requires the reader to read the specific section and page of the newspaper where the ad is placed. As not all subscribers read the newspaper from cover to cover, this may lessen response.

Our vote goes to insert ads. They can be more expensive, but through trial and error, we’ve found newspaper inserts to have the highest return on investment.

In fact, the placement ads we’ve run have not fared well. And ultimately you must evaluate the results of the ad by taking into account the cost and the number of new chiropractic patients each ad generates.

As a general rule of thumb, we work to keep that number below $100.00 per new chiropractic patient. Although that may sound like a high figure, we’ve determined that in our office, the average lifetime value per patient is somewhere around $1500.00. Although some patients will bring in a little more and some a little less, this is a good ballpark number. As the practice will earn an average of $1500.00 per new patient, we’re confident the $100.00 (or less) is well spent.

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