Why Promoting a Cash Service May Be the Best Way to Get New Chiropractic Patients

Sometimes the best way to get to a destination is by taking a circuitous route. This strategy can particularly true be when you’re trying to make a sale.

Good salespeople know how important is to build a relationship with a prospect. In most cases the salesperson knows he won’t make a sale the first time he approaches a client. His first visit is an introduction. During the second he brings supporting literature, the third may be a lunch appointment, on the fourth appointment his regional manager accompanies him, and so on. All in all, it may take four, five, even six visits with a prospect before they are convinced your product or service is the one for them.

In chiropractic marketing, the same is often true.

When Dr. Mixon was just starting out, we effectively employed this strategy by running small half-page ads for inexpensive cash services. Our all time record winning response was generated by a simple ad that promoted detoxifying foot baths.

Although we recognize there is some controversy over the benefit of this treatment, our ad brought in scores of patients raved about its effectiveness. Many patients returned every week for sessions, swearing they’d seen improvement in skin conditions, arthritis, energy levels and more.

We noticed that over time, more and more of our foot bath patients were also scheduling chiropractic appointments. In fact, many of the people who years ago came to our office for the detox foot bath program, remain loyal chiropractic patients to this day.

As we grew busier, we phased out this cash service. But for Dr. Mixon’s practice it served an important role. It brought in large numbers of new patients who were then exposed to the chiropractic side of the practice.

These same patients might not have responded to a chiropractic ad. They were looking for something different. They were intrigued by the “spa treatment” that we discussed in the ad and were persuaded to try the service by the low introductory price.

For some people going to a chiropractor might be a new or frightening experience. By promoting an unrelated cash service, you open the door to those patients who might not otherwise seek you out.

You can translate this technique to your own practice by looking at the cash services you offer. Do you offer massage, laser therapy, or detox foot baths? Each of these products could be promoted with a small cost-effective ad.You could go with a traditional print ad, or use your ad as a landing page for pay per click advertising.

Give it a try it in your own practice and we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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