Basic Copywriting Tips That Will Improve the Conversion Rate of Any Ad

Using a written ad to sell a prospect on the idea of scheduling a new patient appointment — is trickier than it may seem. Even before we write the ad, we’re dealing with a couple of difficult facts.

Usually your prospective patient doesn’t know you. Therefore your name, in itself, does not carry any credibility.

And even though most patients could benefit from chiropractic care, many people are nervous about seeing a chiropractor for the first time. Often people have preconceived notions about chiropractors, and what they do.

Before your prospective patient is likely to schedule an appointment, you’ll need to address these objections in your copy.

A copywriter must always overcome issues of credibility when writing any ad copy. (A copywriter for those not familiar with the term, is a writer who specializes in writing advertisements. Certain copywriters specialize in specific areas, e.g., online writing, print advertising, or auto-responders. Whatever their area of training, all good copywriters have undergone extensive training and most continue to study their craft.)

It’s no wonder then, that without such training, so many people fail when attempting to write a successful chiropractic ad. And although there’s no substitute for study and years of practice, there are a few techniques that will improve your odds of success.

Any good ad or sales letter must capture the prospect’s attention. A good way to do that is by helping your prospect believe the product or service you’re offering will help them attain something they desire (in our case, it’s better health, or a pain-free life).

When we write our ad, we need to help our prospective patients envision the desired outcome. In many cases we can accomplish this by recounting a success story from our own practices. When we tell these stories we want to paint a verbal picture. Use description and action verbs to make the story come to life.

The story should always end with the successful resolution of the patient’s concerns…a reduction in symptoms, a return to work, no pain. One thing to remember, legally you can’t alter or exaggerate the outcome. You must recount the actual events. In fact, the FTC recently created tougher standard for testimonial based ads.

By showing the success that our patients achieve, we are encouraging our prospect’s belief that a similar outcome might be possible for him as well.

We must also offer proof. This proof is most easily established by using testimonial the citing the results of medical studies.

Once we’ve built our story and offered sufficient proof, we’re ready to make our offer. In the case of a chiropractic ad, an offer would be an invitation for the prospective patient to schedule an appointment. For the offer to be truly effective,you must give the patient a strong reason pick up the phone. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make a standout offer and set a time limit to encourage quicker response.

For Example: “Call now and you’ll receive an initial consultation, exam and adjustment for only $19.00.”

Some chiropractors may cringe at the idea of offering their services for such a cheap price. However, the inexpensive price gives your patient a low risk opportunity to try out your services. And the price is, after all, only valid for an initial appointment. Thereafter you will be able to charge your standard rates.

And finally, crown your chiropractic ad with a powerful headline. If possible, your headline should communicate something unique, create interest, offer a great benefit and suggest urgency.

For example: Discover the Simple Treatment That Helped This Injured Auto Mechanic Return to Work Pain Free

We’ve chosen a very dramatic headline for illustrative purposes. With this example you can certainly see how a patient would be intrigued by the headline and might want to read further.

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