How to Improve Your Chiropractic Advertisements with Editorial-Style Ads

Whether used as an on-line landing page, or as a newspaper insert, a well written editorial-style chiropractic advertisement will usually outperform the competition.

You’ve probably seen this type of chiropractic ad before. The eye-catching headline is followed by a patient’s dramatic story of improvement or recovery. A photo of the chiropractor (and sometimes his family) is included. The ad closes with an affordable introductory offer that will be honored within a specified time limit.

When I first used form of chiropractic advertising, I didn’t have a great deal of confidence the ad would work. There seemed to be too much text, and I didn’t think anyone would read that much information. Boy, was I shocked when my chiropractic ads were not only read, but generated a substantial number of new chiropractic patients.

I learned that if the message is delivered in a clear and compelling fashion, this form of chiropractic advertising is surprisingly effective. It’s not important that prospective patients read the entire ad. They only need to find something within the text that strikes an emotional chord and propels them to pick up the phone.

Not all chiropractic advertising is created equal

When I ordered my first set of pre-written chiropractic ads, it took quite a bit of tweaking before I created an ad that really worked. The first couple of runs only yielded a few new chiropractic patients. These disappointing results are similar to those I hear a lot of fellow chiropractors describe.

I suspected then, that a large reason for the mediocre results might have to do with the poor quality of the ad itself. It was about that time that a met, Kerrin, a copywriter. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a copywriter is a writer who specializes in writing advertisements, direct mail letters, on-line copy, etc.) For my third print run, Kerrin wrote a new chiropractic ad using specific techniques designed to hook a patient’s interest and close the sale. (Which in this case meant getting our prospective patients to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.)

The third ad yielded a huge jump in scheduled appointments. In fact we scheduled over 26 new chiropractic patients off of this one ad. (Response can be affected by a number of factors. Whether the ad is an insert or a placement ad, and how many people the ad reaches are two of the most important factors.)

Working with a writer is not necessary. But it does make sense to create the most powerful ad possible before investing in expensive ad space. Be sure to proof the ad well. Nothing will convey the wrong impression more than misspelled words, and poor grammar.

Get a second opinion

Then ask your husband, wife, or a trusted friend to review the final draft of your ad. Ask them to offer an objective opinion. In turn, be ready to accept the critique with an open mind. If possible, have two ads for them to consider. See which ad interests them more. Then ask specific questions. Did the headline grab them, or did it seem weak? Was the story compelling? Did you offer a convincing argument and sufficient proof?

After you’ve received their critiques, see if there is a way to adjust the final chiropractic advertisement to address the issues discussed. And finally, if you’re still not sure about quality of your ad, it may pay to consult a professional writer. There are online directories that can help you connect with professional copywriters. One of the most well known is

If you decide to enlist the aid of a copywriter, be sure to review their writing samples. A/though he/she may not have specific experience with chiropractic advertising, see if the writer has experience in writing editorial-style ads. This style of ad employs specific copywriting techniques designed to boost conversion rates.

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