Are Chiropractic Ads a Waste of Money?

Chiropractic Ads have been around for quite a few years. You’ve probably seen plenty of them yourselves. Bright colored editorial-style ads tucked into newspaper and shopping circulars. Many of them sharing similar headlines and content. But in this day of internet savvy consumers, do they still work?

Admittedly, the last few years has brought many changes to the world of marketing. Now, there is a much larger emphasis on creating an online presence. In addition, the newspaper industry itself has faced cutbacks and lost readership. Even so, an ad can still be one of best ways to get a roomful of new chiropractic patients fast.

When Dr. Mixon began his practice, we relied on chiropractic ads to jump start his business. His ads consistently brought in 20 to 30 patients each print run. Smaller advertisements for cash services like massage therapy and detox foot baths brought in even more, sometimes topping over 50 patients per ad.

That was just our starting point. Once we had the new patients in place, we implemented an internal marketing program to ramp up referrals. This strategy was so successful we were able to eliminate all print advertising within two and a half years. Now Dr. Mixon’s marketing averages less than a couple hundred dollars a month.

Could we have made such rapid progress without the chiropractic ads? I doubt it.

Here are a handful of lessons we’ve learned over the years that improved our success:

  1. Choose an editorial style ad. This ads are effective because they share a personal story and add proof and credibility. They consistently out perform most other types of ads.
  2. The ad should be professionally written. There’s a simple reason for this. Professional copywriters are trained to employ subtle sales techniques that will help convert readers to patients. An amateurish or poorly written ad will reflect badly on the doctor and will result in a disappointing, short-lived ad campaign.
  3. You must adequately research your market area before investing in a chiropractic ad. Learn what types of ads are available to you. What’s the cost? Will you use an insert or a placement ad? What geographic area will you target? Don’t rely solely on the information that the newspaper salespeople provide. They have a vested interest in selling you ad space.
  4. Run your ad in the region newspaper with the largest circulation rate. Large city newspapers have expensive ad rates with often cost as much as $1500 to $2000.00 per run. Smaller local newspapers charge much less. Obviously, it will be tempting to place your ad with a smaller newspaper. However, our suggestion is to go with the large newspaper. Through experience we’ve found that for a campaign of this type to be really successful, it’s best to reach the largest number of households possible.
  5. Even the best campaigns will need to be tweaked. You may find your ad performs well in one area of town, but poorly in another. Or that a half page ad outperforms a full page advertisement. There is simply no substitute for testing.

Investing in an expensive newspaper ad can take courage. Particularly if you’re working with a limited budget. But then again, as a small business owner, you’re faced with these kinds of difficult decisions on a daily basis. Fortunately, a good ad campaign can provide a strong return on investment and a healthy boost to your bottom line.

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