Learn how to Make Chiropractic Ads a Successful Part of Your Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic ads can be a highly effective way to funnel new chiropractic patients into your practice. Your level of success depends on choosing the right style of ad, and selecting a popular publication that has wide distribution and economical ad space.

In our experience, insert ads produce the highest return on investment. (An insert ad is printed on a separate paper, either alone or with other ads, and then inserted into the publication. A standard placement ad is printed within a section of the newspaper or publication itself.)

Although more expensive than placement ads, we’ve had a single insert ad bring in over 30 new patients. When we’ve run ads for inexpensive cash services, we’ve had over 50 respondents. (The usual number of new patients generated by an chiropractic ad is usually 11 to 20. This number was higher pre-recession.)

For smaller chiropractic practices, a single ad can draw in enough new patients to keep the practice infused with new business for several months.

For about 4 years, we ran a series of chiropractic editorial-style ads. Some were printed in local shopping guides published by our local newspaper and others were run in publications like Money Mailers, and Coupon Clippers.

Often we placed an ad during the first quarter, when patients are worried about deductibles and traffic is a little slower. Thereafter we’d run ads only as needed throughout the year. As your chiropractic practice gains momentum and you implement multiple forms of external and internal advertising, you will be able to decrease the number of ads required.

Distribution is key

For an insert ad to be effective, it must reach a lot of households. We try to select publications that deliver to a minimum of 25,000 households. Our ideal ad would be distributed to 40,000 – 120,000 households.

If you live in a smaller town, finding a publication that meets these parameters can be challenging. But when choosing your publication, be aware you will only book appointments from a tiny percentage of readers. Therefore strong distribution is essential.

Although, publishers are more effective than ever at targeting specific demographics, there are many aspects they cannot control. Many people never open the newspapers or mailers that are delivered to their homes. Of those that do, many more may not think they have a need for chiropractic services. So the key is to get the ad in front of as many consumers as possible.

Admittedly, there may be times when this rules does not hold true. Recently a colleague told us about an opportunity to run an ad that would be distributed to a very small number of households (5000). The ad was fairly inexpensive, so he decided to give it a shot. The day the ad ran, he booked two patients. By the conclusion of the ad he had totaled three new patient. That’s a very good response for such a small test area.

Don’t use price as your sole guideline.

Cheap ad space can be expensive if it doesn’t bring in new chiropractic patients. Consider the popularity of the publication and whether or not it provides adequate coverage in your specific practice area. A good place to start is by checking out the local newspaper with the largest circulation.

In our area, the newspaper with the largest circulation is the Dallas Morning News. Also search out publishers of free local shopping guides. These shopping circulars often receive widespread distribution, even to those people without a newspaper subscription. People often read this mailer, because they contain weekly sales or local supermarket specials.

And of course, the more people that read the mailer, the better your odds of success… Compare costs and distribution.

Be prepared — all chiropractic ads require a bit of test marketing. If you’re trying out a new ad and response is lackluster, the ad itself might need to be adjusted. Here is an opportunity to ask your team of trusted friends for their honest opinions. Then tweak your ad and run it again.

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