This weekend, I had an opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by Heel, the well-recognized homeopathy manufacturer. The seminar, which focused on natural ways to treat viral infections, made quite an impression on me. I was surprised to discover the depth and breadth of the powerful natural homeopathic medicines at my disposal. It also made me realize that each product we stock can be a valuable chiropractic marketing tool.

When I suggest that products can be effective chiropractic marketing tools, I am talking about much more than the extra cash they can add to your practice. In fact, I feel the true benefits are much larger.

The quality and effectiveness of the chiropractic products you offer to your patients will influence how they perceive you.

That’s a bold statement, but I believe it’s true. Whether you stock a particular brand of durable medical goods or a pain relieving cream — if the product works well for your patients it will reflect positively upon you and your practice. The product’s success will help to reinforce your position as an expert in the eyes of your patients. Alternately, if the product falls apart or doesn’t work well, it will reflect negatively upon you.

You may argue this point, saying that we can’t be responsible for manufacturing defects. While this is true, your reputation may still suffer a ding by your association with a subpar chiropractic product.

It’s much like a retailer who sells cheap merchandise that falls apart after a few uses. Would you continue to buy from a company if frequently you had to return bad products? I know I wouldn’t.

That’s why I tend to be cautious as I add new chiropractic product lines and therapies to my practice.

Over the past couple of years, I have dabbled a bit with homeopathy. Mainly I stock a few remedies for arthritis pain and muscle strains along with products for seasonal allergies and sinuses problems. But as my patient’s favorable responses have grown, I’ve begun to investigate homeopathy further.

Homeopathy’s Impressive Track Record

During the seminar, Dr. Stephen Perlstein, the featured speaker, described his firsthand experiences with Heel products. His treatment protocols included a few notable successes. In one case, a patient with two artificial knee joints experienced a total elimination of pain following three sessions where he received injectable homeopathy treatment. Dr Perlstein’s patients also offered positive feedback on the seasonal “homeopathy flu shots” he offers.

Throughout the seminar, the company’s claims of effectiveness were well documented by clinical studies. While I listened, my mind reeled with the potential applications.

Research the chiropractic products you carry

In the future, homeopathy will have a much larger place in my practice. Although I’ll have to invest more time in research and proper application, the potential rewards for both my patients and my practice will be well worth the effort.

Whatever chiropractic products you choose to offer, know that you can’t rely solely on your staff to sell the items. Although it’s great if you do have a staff member who is a natural salesperson, you must be the one to take the lead. Discuss the product with your patient during their office visit. If the patient seems interested, direct them to a designated staff member who can further assist with the sale.

If you do plan to ask your staff to help promote products, make sure they are well trained in the product’s benefits and usage. If your staff is unable to answer basic questions it will reflect badly upon the practice.

Track your patient’s results

This is an important step. You want to be sure that your patients are getting the results you anticipate.

To sum up; whether you sell tens units, weight loss products, homeopathy or nutritional supplements, be sure you are confident of their quality and effectiveness. Your reputation as a knowledgable and skilled practitioner could be harmed by a products failure but will be bolstered by a product’s success.

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Dr. James Mixon

James Mixon is co-editor of the Chiropractic Marketing Guide and a chiropractor in active practice in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. He is married and the father of three young, active children.

5 Responses to How Bad Chiropractic Products Can Jeopardize Your Reputation
  1. Durable Medical Goods January 16, 2012 at 6:34 am Reply

    Durable medical goods are a term of art used to describe any medical equipment used in the home to aid in a better quality of living.

  2. Hi there,
    While I appreciate the message that you’re writing about regarding the quality of the products, I have to say that
    1) Homeopathic remedies and creams aren’t chiropractic products and
    2) Homeopathy should be practiced only by a trained homeopath. I really can’t stand it (and I know most Toronto chiropractors can’t either) when an MD or physiotherapist takes a weekend course on ‘manipulation’ and then proceeds to use it in his or her practice. I’m sure homeopaths feel the same way to learn that chiropractors are recommending remedies and creams that they have comparatively little training/education in. I’m not against selling a few tubes of arnica or calendula cream in office but if you are really interested in having homeopathy in your practice, find a classical homeopath to practice with you. Or invest the time to become a homeopath so you can really offer your patients proper homeopathic advice.

    • Admin

      Dr. Pande,

      Thanks for your insightful comments. In most cases we agree with you. However, in the cases of Heel, their homeopathic products are produced in a way that makes it safe and easy for Western practitioners to use without the advanced study and training that must be devoted to classical homeopathy. In response to your comment we turned to Derek Frisch, Heel’s local representative. Here’s what he told us, “Heel’s goal is to build a bridge between classical homeopathy and Western medicine by blending the two systems.” We’ve found that combination Homeopathy provides remarkable benefits for our patients with pain. In particular, we expect that products like Traumeel and Zeel, which provide relief from both pain and inflammation, will always have a place on our office shelves.


      • Thanks for replying! I appreciate that. I was responding to your statement that “In the future, homeopathy will have a much larger place in my office”. I understood that to mean you want to give remedies to your patients, which can be detrimental when not given properly. I did not realize you were only talking about Heel’s products. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  3. The right products CAN make or break a practice, maybe not in a few days or weeks but over months and years it can slowly destroy your reputation. The reason is simple; people talk about products that don’t deliver the goods. Even more, people will talk about a negative experience 7 times more than they will talk about a positive. What that means is that if you sell products that don’t provide the results people are expecting they will TELL OTHER PEOPLE. Don’t just sell every product that comes through your door. Do your due diligence, some internet research, and ask around. In the long run, you will benefit from your choices.

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