Get More New Chiropractic Patients by Making This Simple Change to Your Schedule

As doctors, most of us are continually on the hunt for ways to get more new chiropractic patients. We advertise, hire expensive practice management firms, and scour trade magazines for innovative ideas. But sometimes the best solutions are readily available and don’t cost a dime.

However, it does require that you, as a business owner, take an objective assessment of your chiropractic practice. Look at what’s working and what’s not. Your casual conversations with patients will reveal a lot about what’s important to them and what it takes to keep them them happy—and coming back. Listen carefully to concerns and comments made in passing.

Recently, we did this ourselves. We noticed a recurrent theme in these conversations. It centered around time and the struggle our patients faced to get to the office within our set hours.

That surprised us. We considered our schedule very flexible. We had extended hours and accepted patients until 6 p.m. But many of our patients work even longer hours and have irregular schedules. Some travelled a great distance to get to our office.

So we made two simple changes. We began working a half day on Saturdays and now stay a half hour later on Wednesday evenings.

Did it make a difference? Absolutely. Saturday is now one of our busiest days, with people routinely driving over 30 miles to get to our office. Many of the patients who see us on Saturdays wouldn’t be able to come any other day of the week—and Wednesdays are now our busiest weekday, with all of the lastest appointments routinely booked.

Our schedule change has allowed us to reach a group of new chiropractic patients we would have missed otherwise. It’s also improved patient satisfaction. And equally important, it’s added more money to the bottom line.

Will we continue to work Saturdays for years to come? Probably not. It can take a toll on your social life and limit the time you have to spend with your family. But for right now, it’s perfect.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to beef up earnings, consider making a schedule change. Plus, if you’re a new grad, it’s an excellent way for you to get more new chiropractic patients and jumpstart your practice.

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