Fun Ideas for Improving Patient Satisfaction

There are a number of elements that go into improving patient satisfaction and we’ve discussed the basics under the topic, patient retention, but ultimately it all begins and ends with great customer service. And, of course, that begins with you, their chiropractor.

It’s vital that you listen carefully to your patient’s problems and concerns. Also that you relay appropriate patient therapies and suggested return visits to your staff. Good communication is a key to improving patient satisfaction. But assuming you know the essentials, why not step it up a notch and inject a little excitement into your patient’s office visits?

Designate a Patient Appreciation Day – Set a date, preferably a on a day of the week that is your slowest, and designate it as a patient appreciation day. Decide on a few giveaways. During one recent patient appreciation day, we offered our patients fruit smoothies (bottled smoothies purchased in bulk from a local warehouse store) and healthy snacks like granola bars.

As we wish to promote responsible eating habits, we decided upon reasonable, nutritious choices.

Another option would be to purchase a small portable popcorn popper. We found one for sale at Costco. The machine itself is decorated in a nostalgic theme and is reminiscent of an old-time popcorn machine. Popcorn bags are available at craft/hobby shops and party supply stores.

You could pair the popcorn with a promotional giveaway. We found a few inexpensive gel-style ice packs and had them printed with our company name and logo. Imprinted pens, and notepads are possible, although we believe something a little less traditional can be fun.

For best results, announce that your patient appreciation day is open to all prospective patients and current patients. Don’t make having an appointment on that day a requirement. Make sure you and your staff takes time to talk to anyone that stops by. Offer them your promotional items and a card.

If you offer therapeutic massage in your practice, you might include a free raffle with the prize being an hour or two of free massage. Alternately, you could give away tickets to a move, or a restaurant gift card. The goal is to add a spark of excitement and to create buzz among your patients.

Sponsor a Local Charity Day – Have a charity about which you’re passionate? Promote your practice and your community spirit by sponsoring a day for your favorite charity. Tell patients you’ll donate a specific dollar amount for every patient seen on that day. Double the dollar amount for every new patient that books a future appointment on the designated day.

The amount doesn’t have to be large—you can tailor it to fit your budget. If your finances allow, you could also encourage small patient donations by advertising that you’ll be matching any contributions you receive. (You could set a cap, so the total dollar remains comfortably within your budget limits.)

How to promote your special event…

Use an inexpensive graphics design program to create a few attractive posters or flyers to post around your practice.

Order custom postcards from your local printer and mail them to your client base. Search around, there are plenty of printers that offer incredible specials on high quality glossy post cards. If you can’t find a good deal locally, the internet has plenty of options. Or use your chiropractic newsletter to announce the special occasion.

Your chiropractic website is a natural place for you to update patients on your special events. You might reserve a column on your home page and keep it updated, or you could create a separate tab that features upcoming and past events. This would give you a wonderful opportunity to post photos or even links to videos.

If you’ve collected emails, use email mail marketing and send out a quick note asking patient to mark the happening on their calendars.

If you are particularly skilled at self promotion you could offer a press release to your local newspaper in advance of your charity event. You’ll be improving patient satisfaction and will benefit from the free promotion.

We hoped we’ve sparked a few ideas, but the options are limitless, so tap into your creativity and have fun. Your patients will appreciate your efforts!

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